Elevated B12 levels

Hoping someone might be able to help. I have recently had my bloods taken at Rheumy Appointment, to get the results back saying I have Serum Vitamin B12 elevated at 1881ng/L, ALP raised at 176IU/L and ALT raised at 95 IU/L - apparently showing abnormal liver function. Having been diagnosed in 2008 with Graves Disease, but not having any treatment for it what so ever, I started Thyroid S back in January just a grain a day, think I may need to increase. My GP insists my Thyroid function is normal - testing between 3 and 3.9 in last few years. I am so worried, really don't know what to do. Have loads of symptoms, aching joints, lack of energy, hair loss, feeling chills, low immune system, tinnitus, eyesight deteriation just to name a few, but my GP says I'm depressed!! What do I do, please advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance. xx

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  • I am sure you are feeling low with so much to cope with. I can believe that your are not depressed - is there a blood test for it ?? :-) :-)

    I am not able to advice you on the Hyper aspect of your condition. Others with more knowledge will be along soon. I just wondered if you were supplementing B12 when you had the test. If so the results are meaningless as the results are skewed when taking supplements. Also it is water soluble so anything your body does not need is excreted.

    Maybe have the complete Thyroid Profile tested through Thyroid UK privately so you can confirm what is going on. Also it will help others advise an increase or not....

    Hope you soon feel better.

  • thank you, well yes enough to make me depressed even if I wasn't before!!

  • Maybe this will put your mind at rest.


    If your GP is satisfied with your TSH around 3, I wouldn't be happy that he's giving me no thyroid hormones as some TSH's never rise very much. I can see why you've self-medicated.

    You are only on 1 grain. It is usual when starting any NDT is to start low and every 2 weeks increase by a 1/4 or 1/2 till you feel better. Sometimes if we stay at an introductory dose too long, it can backfire in that symptoms return. As Marz says, did he give you a blood test for 'depression' - no they go by symptoms, and depression is also a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism as the T3 in particular may be too low.

    Your symptoms certainly sound hypo and I would be apt to increase a small amount.

    Ask your GP for a new blood test (you may be undermedicated) asking to include a Free T4 and Free T4 as well as Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate if not been taken for a while.

  • Thanks for link, that's interesting and puts my mind at rest. TSH was done end of Feb 3.3 and other than B12 all others were normal, well GP/Consultants normal. Yes I think an increase maybe a good idea, maybe try splitting the day with a second half grain after lunch. My area won't test T4, my GP has tried loads of times and get results returned untested due to being done in last 12 months and normal. Think I may have to think about having private test done through Blue Horizon - frustrating because my GP surgery is actually Blue Horizon Labs.

  • What - surgery is Blue Horizon Labs - does that mean you'll have to use an incognito name :)

    When you say 'splitting the day , do you mean splitting your 1 grain into two doses or adding half gr to your 1 grain?

  • I mean adding an extra half grain pm to my 1 grain am.

    Yes well going incognito isn't such a daft idea. It has been crossing my mind, I even think my GP knows I am reading up alot about my Thyroid and when I mention Thyroid UK website, he starts to look a bit sheepish!! But lets be honest, should it really matter to him, because he's not doing it so I'm being proactive and trying to look after myself and feel better.

  • If he cant be bothered, or is sticking to the wrongly perceived wisdom, he cant blame you for trying to take control. My GP doesnt even know I take T3. Shes openly admitted she knows nothing about hypothyroid and judging by the endos performance she doesnt either.

  • My GP has no idea about me taking Thyroid S and I dread the day I might have to tell him. I know he just thinks I am putting it all on, but why would I. Its not like I want to claim benefits or go sick from work as I keep saying to him, I love my job, all I want is to feel better so I can have a better quality of life. My kids are growing up so fast, I've missed the last 7 years of their lives always feeling so rotten and unable to do things with them. As for the Endo, well don't get me started, absolutely waste of time.

  • Me too. I feel

    ive missed out on a whole chunk of life. I dont go to

    The GP now and she hasnt called me back. The endo has put me on her open list so I wont see her again

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