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Please can you help with latest results

Please can you help with latest results

I have my latest results and I need help to understand

I take 50 mcg of T4 and 3/4 of T3. That being about 19 ish mcg

I am feeling quite a lot better , in fact the best for a very long time.

I had decided that my present dose could remain the same because of improvement !

Having seen the blood results early am, fasted leav8ng T4 for 24 hrs and T3 for 12 hours prior to blood draw I would welcome comments . My doctor has been supportive of my T3 use. I just need more understanding of these results

Thank you in advance

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I'm glad you're feeling well :)

TSH is suppressed, FT4 is low because you are taking proportionally more T3 than T4, and FT3 is good in the upper third of range.

Thyroid antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

VitD 76 is replete >75.

B12 is high which is fine if you are supplementing.

Folate is good.

HbA1c is low so you are not pre-diabetic.

Ferritin is good over halfway through range.

CRP is low which is good as it is an inflammation marker.

Google "high serum magnesium" to see what it may mean.


Thank you very much clutter much appreciated .

I am getting there , learning what results mean thanks to you all on this forum. Great advice, kind and supportive x G


You sound happy with your results good for you.


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