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How to get blood out of fingers for private test?!

Hello again,

Sorry once more about the many posts, last one I promise.

I have got a test kit from medichecks to test for FT3, FT4, and TSH, it's a fingerprick test but I have to fill a tube, maybe about 2.5ml worth.

I'm concerned that I won't be able to get enough blood out. It says to do some gentle exercise, take a warm shower, make sure you are hydrated, and do it standing up.

Do others on here manage to fill the tubes okay? Is it sore (I'm scared of needles)?

Is there a better method of getting blood taken. Like, would a local pharmacy do it for a fee or something?

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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A trained phlebotomist would have to draw the blood and I very much doubt if your local pharmacy employs one.

I do fingerprick tests and providing that you have a decent lance you should get enough blood. I think lances have been changed recently. I get on best with the white/pale blue ones like the ones shown here (scroll down a bit)

Some tips that help me

1) Make sure you are well hydrated. Drink plenty of water the day before and before your test.

2) Read the instructions, then read again so you know exactly what to do. Get everything ready before you start.

3) Have a bowl of hot water ready and warm your hand up in it. As hot as you can stand. You need your fingers to be red.

4) Have a small stool, toddler step, or similar to stand on so that you can hold your arm straight down (near enough) when collecting the blood.

5) Prick the side of your finger nearer the nail bed rather than the tip. I find that middle finger and ring finger work best for me. You can use more than one finger.

6) Make a firm prick, don't the afraid of the lancet. I hold it there for a second or so before removing.

7) Don't squeeze your finger, if necessary you can gently massage from palm to tip.

8) You can gently scrape your finger against the little lip on the side of the tube to get blood out.

9) Relax and don't panic.


Thanks Seaside Susie, that's all really helpful, especially number 9 x

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SeasideSusie said it all 🙂 I'm an absolute coward when it comes to needles... Bad experience when pregnant and passed out while blood was being taken... Oh the sight I saw when I came too lol. But it's made me get very anxious about needles (understatement😨) I was very nervous the first time I did the finger prick sample, cold wet flannel on the back if my neck to stop me passing out 🙄 My blood just kept clotting and it took over an hour to fill the vial. Then the last one I Did, two vials to fill, I barely blinked and all done with one finger in 5 minutes. I can't stand on a stool or anything as I hip gives way without warning but as long as your hydrated and warm and don't worry or rush it you will be fine. Oh after the first time and the clotting I started taking ginko to thin my blood a little then switched to Turmeric to reduce inflammation as well, don't know if they help or if it's just cos I am so used to it now. I always hold the lancet firmly against the skin for a few seconds after the stab, seems to give better flow for me 🙂 and ring finger best for me. This rambling post was actually just meant to say first time you're bound to be nervous but honestly I found it easier and much less stressful doing it myself than someone else the usual way 😆 and no one could be worse with needles than me 😉 oh and I highly recommend a cold wet flannel on the back of the neck 😀 good luck

X linda


Thanks Linda :)


I found it only took about 6 or 7 drops of blood before it was full on my first time. Second time I think I waited until longer after my shower, and the drops weren't as large, but it still took less than I imagined...

The bowl of warm water helps, as does doing it 5 mins after a shower!


Thanks Cooper27 :)


My little finger works best using palm side & close to the tip. Clear everyone is different.


Thanks G2G2.


The first time I used finger prick test I struggled now I can fill 2 to 3 bottles with one prick I prick the bottom on my middle finger then milk the finger soon fills the bottle good.luck :-)


Thanks Claire.


My daughter-in-law helps me. I could do it on my own but it’s much easier if you’ve got somebody to help.


Thanks Maggie.


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