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How soon do supplements start to work?

I'm interested how long the body stores each kind of supplement. I know, for example, that we don't store Vitamin C and so we must have some (fruit etc) every day - whereas we store iron for months, so topping up every so often works fine.

I assume this relates to how quickly we feel it when we aren't having enough of each one? And of course, how often we need to take them.

My real interest is how soon I'll feel the difference now that I've started Vitamin D, but also this is something I have wanted to know for ages with respect to many different vitamins, minerals etc.

I know there are too many to list all, but does anyone know about:

Vitamins A, B group, C, D, E, K, etc...

iron, magnesium, stuff like that

Co-enzyme Q10

hydrolysed collagen (if anyone here takes it?)

plus the ones I can't think of this afternoon ;)

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It will depend on how deficient or low your vitamin/mineral level is when you start supplementing and what dose you supplement as to how quickly supplements start to work.

My vitD was <10 and I was prescribed loading doses. My skin looked a bit plumper after 4 weeks and the knee and joint pain I had been experiencing resolved after 6 weeks. 10 weeks after I started supplementing D3 vitD was 107.


My Vit D was 23 nmol/L (range 50-200), and I started yesterday taking 10,000 iu daily. (Only had 5,000 yesterday as I wanted to space them out and forgot later.)

I haven't added Vit K or magnesium, yet - so braindead lately, it took me days from asking here about dosage before I actually placed an order for Vit D. This is "normal for me" - finally I can start hoping it won't be my norm for evermore! Going to look at magnesium next.

Skin getting plumper? I didn't know of that symptom. :) Over 2016 I noticed my skin getting less plump, fingertips first and then on my face/neck. I thought it was the first sign of my age ;) - I don't count white hairs as the age for that seems to be entirely random + heredity.



You can take 10,000iu in one dose. I don't think there's any advantage in splitting dose.

It was my lips and face which seemed to plump up.


Thanks! Yes, I'll take it as one dose - I don't always have fats at more than one meal per day, anyway.


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