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Blood results

Hi all. I’ve recently had blood tests for TSH, T3 and T4. My results are

TSH 0.41 (0.27-4.5)

Free T4 19.6 (11-23)

Free T3 4.32 (3.1-6)

I’m currently taking 125mcg of levothyroxine as well as 100mg of sertraline (anti depressant) and I take vitamin D

I’ve been getting menopausal symptoms at only 36 years old, and still feeling pretty crap despite my TSH being good.

My weight has gone mad, and I’m struggling to lose any weight at all. I have logged my food intake over the last 4 months and on average Monday-Friday I’m having 1400-1600 calories and at weekends about 2000. Yet I haven’t lost anything. It’s getting me down, and with arthritis in my spine it’s causing more problems with that. I’m ex military so always been fit and healthy and usually around a size 14 (I’m 5’7) but over the last year I’ve gone up to a size 20 and I’m miserable.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Would I benefit from some T3? Help!!

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Your T3 could be better, needs to be in upper quarter of the range. Exercise and low T3 do not mix, neither does dieting! Have you had tests for antibodies? What about Ferritin, iron, folate, Vit B12, Vit D?


You may benefit from T3. You appear to not convert well. The preference is to address the reasons why conversion is not good, as has been suggested by crimple asking about Ferritin, iron, folate, B12, and vit D. In the end, sometimes there is no clear reason, and T3 can help.

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