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How do you store Blue Horizon blood test before sending to the clinic?


I recently purchased the Blue Horizon Thyroid +11 test and was going to do it tonight to send back tomorrow morning for next day delivery. My questions are whether I need to store it in a certain temp and won’t the validity of the results be affected by it being in transit and room temp for an extended period of time?


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No, you must do it first thing in the morning then post same day 🙂


Definitely what Fibrolinda says. Do it first thing in the morning before breakfast and best to send back by Special Delivery Guaranteed Next Day by 1pm - keep receipt because if delivery is delayed you can claim a refund of the fee.

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Hi there. I agree that it is best to do the test in the morning and send it as soon as you can, but just to put your mind at rest slightly, I have had a couple done where I've had no choice but to post them the day after the blood was taken. My friend, who took the blood for me, is a nurse and she advised me to put the sample in the fridge to be on the safe side, but seeing as it will be unrefrigerated and in the postal system for a day or so I don't really know how necessary that is. I've found the results have been pretty much the same as the NHS ones so the delay in posting it doesn't seem to have caused a problem. Of course, if you can get it in the post straight after being taken then it's worth it, but my experience has been that it is OK to wait a short while. I would definitely recommend doing the test in the morning though.


Our TSH is highest early a.m. so it would be much lower in the evening. Also if you are having additional tests, early a.m. blood draw is best. If you are taking any thyroid hormones at present you've to allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose and test and take afterwards.

You have to be well hydrated a couple of days before, so blood will be easier to draw.

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Hi Katewood80 the Blue Horizon Thyroid Check PLUS ELEVEN, is quite a robust postal profile, with nothing likely to heomolyse. If an evening extraction is necessary then as long as you post it next day delivery, and not over a weekend it should be fine.

Room temperature is fine, there is a danger of it being put in a fridge in that if the fridge has areas against the back that may freeze and ruin your blood.

Best wishes


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