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Hi guys,

So writing to update you on my T3 medication, I have actually been prescrbed by my NHS doctor after reading the letter sent to him by my private endocrinologist. He really is an understanding Doctor and he said he would get a telling off for doing this but really wants to help. So I have10mg of T3 for a 2week trial to see if it helps if not then my endo will put my levo up to 100mg. I've just finished 6 doses of B12 injections as well, I'm hoping to feel a difference soon. Has anybody else had 10mg of T3? (I had to get these made as they normally come in 20mg I believe)

Thanks for reading

Clare x

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A 2 week trial isn't enough. See if you can get it stretched to 2 months then get new thyroid tests.


Great news! I'm two weeks into 10mcg t3, there's a definite improvement but still some symptoms. I read a lot of posts on here about how long before you feel the effects and it really seems to vary from immediate to 5 or 6 weeks. I'm on 100 thyroxine as well. I have 20 mcg pills and use a pill cutter to split in half.


Just get 20mcg pills and cut in half

You might want to split the dose too. 5mcg on waking and 5mcg mid afternoon

There are three different brands of NHS T3.

Many of us find each brand very different. Trial and error which is best for you

NHS should agree 3 month trial. Two weeks is not enough


My tablets were made by the chemist its in a capsule form, do i take the same time as my levo? Yes I've had b12 injections and currently take selenium and vit D and ferritin tablets

Thank you for your message x


Lots of us split T3 dose, especially to start with

Important to take on empty stomach like Levo, noothing apart from water for at least an hour after

Suggest you take first half on waking

Second half mid afternoon

See how you go

You might want to consider taking a good vitamin B complex as you get B12 injections. Keeps other B vitamins balanced and improves low folate.

But don't start that while trailing T3

Only ever change one thing at a time

If you start taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results



Also magnesium and vitamin K2 are recommended when taking vitamin D

But again don't add at moment

Ferritin tablets need vitamin C to help absorption. Vitamin C also helps adrenals. You can add vitamin C now.

Malle sure ferritin and vitamin D are four hours away from taking Levo and T3

Detailed supplements advice from SeasideSusie here



Essential to have good levels of vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 BEFORE starting T3

Can you add recent results of these

Do you have Hashimoto's also called autoimmune thyroid disease diagnosed by high thyroid antibodies? If so are you strictly gluten free. It's often essential, especially before starting T3


Hi Clare,

I'm really pleased that you have a sympathetic doctor!

I don't (ha ha) but did find a sympathetic endo so I'm just over a week into trialing T3 purchased from Europe at 6.25mcg 3 times a day. It was supposed to be 5mcg but I could only get 25mcg tablets and a pill cutter!!

I've noticed a general improvement. The main thing for me is that I generally feel more positive... so although I'm not sure I'm "right" yet (who can remember what that feels like, eh?!) I'm much more confident that I can get there one day...

If you can't get more than a 2 week trial on the NHS, it might be worth looking at buying T3 from Europe. it is legal to do so and it is not expensive. You can put up a post asking people to private message you with details of suppliers. Mine took just over a week to arrive, so it could be worth thinking about it sooner rather than later?

Anyway, I hope your results are at least as good - I just wanted to wish you good luck and to ask you to let us know how you get on!

Lotika x


I noticed the same when I added T3 I became more positive in the head, a great feeling.

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