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Success with B12 injection!!

Hi things have been tough for me lately but have received some good news in that my GP surgery has offered me an appointment for me to have my B12 injection OUTSIDE OF MY WORKING HOURS!! ⭐️⭐️🎈🎉❤️💕🙂 It will be done at 8am Wednesday 17. I may need to power walk down to catch my 8:30 bus but my friends at work have said to me to call my boss if I will be running late. I also plan to arrange an appointment to talk about my awful vitamin and mineral levels that need action, desperately. 5 months of waiting for the injection OVER! ⭐️

Yay!! 🤗

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Well done! I know my surgery keeps a few appointments back for those who are working and can't get there in office hours. But they don't tell you and I only found out by chance. I reckon yours does too. x

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great news.

shame it will be another week though.


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