B12 - how long does injection treatment last?

I managed to get my GP to prescribe B12 injections. I had the 6 loading doses over a couple of weeks and felt SO much better. My eyesight improved so much that I didn't need glasses to read recipes or to text and I had much much more energy. However 6 or 7 weeks on and I now need glasses again for reading texts and my energy levels are dropping again. I am told that I can't have another injection until mid November 12 or 13 weeks. I shall just get worse and worse in that time. The deterioration since 6 ir 7 weeks has been rapid, especially for my eyesight. I don't want to go back to how I was before the B12 injections. Is this normal that the loading dose seems to run out so soon or that I am depleted again? I am a well managed hypoT sufferer. Any helpful advice would be great. p.s. Can I buy injections, B12 and inject myself?

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  • Yes it is just another travesty within the NHS - there is a campaign running at the moment to persuade the powers that be that B12 should be sold over the counter. In the 80's B12 protocol was to inject monthly - then later two-monthly and now three-monthly. Obviously a way of cutting costs - or keeping people ill and denying their symptoms are to do with Low B12.


    There are 47 pages on the above site explaining how to self inject. You will be able to buy it on the net and the syringes. The PAS forum may be better informed as to the best sources. I am able to buy OTC here in Crete and have weekly injections....a freedom that I truly appreciate.


    The guidelines above do mention how important it is to take into consideration clinical signs - but of course the Doc may deny your improved eyesight is anything to do with B12 ... :-(

    Are you taking the B12 with Folic Acid and a GOOD B complex to keep the B's in balance....

    Yet another Doc that does not understand the importance of B12. It's is so sad. A simple and inexpensive solution to so much suffering....

  • Hi März - yes I am taking a good liquid B complex. If my eyesight improved so much after the loading dose but now getting worse again, how can GP say its not connected. There has been a huge improvement and now swiftly going back again. It seems like a false economy to me to give the loading dose and then let it all go back to base again because it is left so long between injections. I thought the idea of further injections was to 'top up'. It seems I'll have to start again and be back where I was. I was hoping that having the B12 would improve my T3 conversion. GP's answer to that was to up the levo, but i've not done that until I can see if the B12 has helped in that area. Thanks for the links I shall look and absorb the info.

  • I suppose it is the same as people saying they still have symptoms once they are on T4 - and the Docs say it is nothing to do with the Thyroid. As you must know from reading this forum it happens all the time. Docs lack so much understanding in many areas. They are after all General Practitioners. Sadly some consultants are not much better....

    I had my terminal Ileum removed over 40 years ago and not one Doc had told me I would need B12 injections for life. Have only just started them this year at 68. Lucky not to have slipped into Dementia :-(

    So read up the links and especially the second one is intended for Docs so maybe he hasn't seen it. It would be interesting to know. You could ask him and wait for the stony silence.

    You could take 1000mcg of Jarrow Methycobalamin x 2 just to keep yourself topped until you buy your own ampoules on-line.

    Wishing you well - Information is POWER !! Am afraid many of us on this forum who are making good progress have taken things into our own hands - sad but true !

  • Hi Marz. Please can you tell me particularly where is the info on how to self inject. I've been through both links and can't find it. Very interesting stuff. Thank you.

  • cmft.nhs.uk/directorates/me...

    It was there :-) Yes there its so much to read and easy to miss....

  • Many thanks Marz, At least you have the knowledge now. Thank you for the information and all the best to you too.

  • i Find i need a shot every 3 weeks, sometimes every 4 weeks. I learnt the hard way not to rely on nhs so supplement with my own amps and self inject.

  • B12 (hydroxo) when given as an IM injection has a life of 28 days. 3 monthly injections are just a disgrace if a patient needs it more often. not everybody does but more do than dont! Im on weekly myself, can go 8 days before my hands go numb, 3 monthly would do absolutely nothing for me.

  • And how do you manage to get a jab every 8 days?

  • I self inject. I left it for a fortnight 2 weeks ago, but ended up going backwards and am back to weekly for now.

    I did inform my GP surgery (practice nurse) that I was self injecting and had a long chat with her, I could almost hear her chin hit the floor when I told her how often, but she never said not to and seemed happy enough when I told her the guidelines do stat that it can be given every 2 days where there is nerve damage.

    I have also had a massive improvement overall since injecting the B12 and feel that my previously very unstable thyroid is settling down. ( I take 1 1/2gr naturethroid per day, but it used to fluctuate al lot between feeling over and under, now its more steady)

  • May I asked why your GP prescribed you B12 injections? Mine not only stubbornly refuses to give them to me, but also to even test me for PA/B12 deficiency.

  • He gave it to me after 3 years of me asking and making a note of my own BT results showing that it had gone down every time despite me supplementing orally and sublingually. My T3 levels had dropped and I explained about how is helps with T3 conversion. He obviously agreed and it did the job. However, once every 12 weeks is not enough and I don't want to go backwards so will sort the 2 in-between jabs myself. You just have to keep on. Do try and get the blood test as it's an important part of treating hypoT and feeling well. I also asked for my notes and went back through them to show him what my levels used to be like before diagnosis. It all helped my case. Good luck.

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