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First private endo appointment

Well my first appointment went well. He did blood tests while I was there and tested for T3 that's never been tested before and I have a scan booked for 18th June which has never been done before and a follow up on 2nd July. 

So I should have my future plans sorted before the nhs endo would see me next!

3 options to explore: 

- keep trying medication 

- have radiosomethingtherapy 

- have surgery 

Not sure which is the lesser of 3 evils!

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Hi Leigh

I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you got on. Amazing to have tests and things happen so quickly.

Think I would keep trying with the medication, especially if you are likely to get more regular testing / monitoring while you are trying.

At least while you have a thyroid your endo might manage to get it better, once it is destroyed / gone then, that's it - it's gone and (I think?) you might end up hypo and need thyroxine for ever after which, listening to what others have to say and being a bit hypo myself at the moment isn't easy either.

Sounds like you are getting somewhere at last though which has to be good.



Hi Liz, I'm worried about surgery and the radioiodine treatment so I think I'm swaying more towards meds for another 6 months or so. Nice to know that there are options but as you say having no thyroid stops the hyper but brings on hypo and those symptoms are horrible, possibly worse than being hyper.

At least its nice to know that I can be monitored closer and get months blood tests rather than every 4 months! X


Well done sounds like you have a good Endo there x


You've probably read this before but in case: stopthethyroidmadness.com/g...

My family member was hyper for about three years and for the last six years has stayed in remission (which I guess is what you have to say). He never had surgery or radiation, just methimezole and a beta blocker. I don't remember your age but he was in his 20's/30's.


Hi, I haven't read this before but thank you it was very informative.

I'm 31 so would prefer not to go down the surgery route without trying medication for a bit longer so it's good to know it can work. I might suggest metimezole as a replacement to carbimazole as that doesn't seem to be working for me.

Thank you x


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