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Gum abscesss and sinus infection

I woke up one day and I had tooth pain I went to the dentist they cleaned my teeth and add something to my teeth not sure what it is but the dentist it’s required for my gums to kill the bacteria I’m not sure if it’s antibiotics or something else. However, at night I woke up and I had a gum abscess, I used the salt solution and in like 10 min it popped, I kept using the salt solution to kill all the germs. But after it popped my nose was running something yellow and it smells i tried to clean it with water and salt but it didnt work, and after two days of my cleaning my nose sometimes it comes out yellow and sometimes clear. Thank you very much

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If you are having a problem either go back to your dentist or see your doctor, nobody here can diagnose the problem, you need to be seen and treated if the infection hasn't cleared.


I have frequent sinus infections. I find using a neti pot with saline water, or a saline nasal spray, every day acts as a preventative measure, & also helps reduce the severity & duration of infections.

Before I bought the neti pot, I used a glass dropper. I find it easiest doing the procedure with my head upside-down over the bath. It's horrible at first, but then it gets easier, & the benefits are great. I use Sterimar spray for convenience.


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