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Recurring sinus problems & colds

Anyone else suffering this year with continual sinus problems? Mine started not long after hay fever season kicked off, now really bad as I've had 2 colds in two weeks.

Any suggestions for relief? when the pain is really bad I'm on decongestant, paracetamol and ibuprofen. I don't like taking tabs frequently so know it's not over use of decongestant.

My cold is quite bad at the mo even my gums are inflamed around my wisdom teeth :(


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I keep having sinus problems on and off at night and I wake up in the morning feeling congested and face punched. Mine eases up quickly once I'm up and around though, it just seems to get bad when I'm laying down. It will bother me for a week or two then ease up for a while. I used to take ibuprofen when I woke up but I now take my Levo in the morning so I just ride it out.

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AngieAsh...I too have exactly the same symptoms and at the same time. I feel better if I take 800 mg of Ibrufen before I go to bed, I take Levo in the morning. If I get it really bad and feel fluey, I take Piriton or Loritadine as well but they pretty much wipe me out. It could be food intolerances but those are pretty hard to detect because unlike allergies, symptoms can present as late as 48 hours after consumption. I've tried it all to no avail. Other causes could be Candida overgrowth (yeast) so a sugar & yeast free diet may help. It's very hard to know the underlying causes and medics generally just say take antihistimines but I think they may react with Levo even though Pharmacists don't think so. I read an article from the U.S which listed drugs which reacted with Levo and there were 100's, well not quite that but loads. Maybe worth trying diet changes to see if there is relief. Best of luck :)


MapleMoose Piriton wipe me out too, they also make me a bit moody and snappy. I can't take Ibuprofen at the moment either because of the blood pressure pills I'm on ( no NSAD's) but I could try taking paracetamol at bed time when I'm having a sinus bout and see if that helps, or a non drowsy antihistamine. I never thought of food allergies but I suppose it is possible.


AngieAsh... Paracetamol doesn't work for me. I take Ibrufen because it's anti inflammatory. As sinus issues are caused be inflammation in the sinus cavities, the anti inflammatory effects of Ibrufen help me breathe better. Shame you can't take them. Let's hope small diet changes help. Perhaps try not consuming dairy later on in the day to see if that helps. Dairy is very mucous forming so could be the culprit.


DoubleM.... Sorry to hear of your sinus issues, I have them too. See my posts to AngieAsh on possible causes. Hope you find the cause. Best of luck :)

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I had the same thing this year; a virus I think, as it left me feeling terrible. Thyroid G.P. advised Olive Leaf extract for virus problems, which worked. If you have sinus problems, try putting a few drops of oregano or tea tree oil in a bowl of hot water; inhale the steam with a towel over your head. Both of these oils are anti-bacterial, and if you do this two or three times a day it should help. Are you optimally medicated? If you can get the dose right then your teeth should settle down.

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I have suffered from prolonged sinus problems following virus infections,over the years.The 2 worst ones were after changing to T3-only from T4-only & then when adding back T4 a couple of years later.Very odd.

I have seen 2 ENT specialists.They both said I do not have sinusitis(Fibre-optic camera up the nose)

Mine last weeks despite 2 courses of various antibiotics back to back.I have to sleep upright on many pillows,usually spending part of the night in a chair.This is because if not propped up,the pressure builds up so much I am in agony with the pain in my head.I know this is referred pain from the stenoid sinus,but the ENT docs rubbished this.

I find the pain relief that works best for me is paracetamol with cafeine.Ibruprofen triggers palpitations & giddyness for me.I use a blue freezer block against my head,too.

The only thing that really helps me apart from taking the paraplus tabs is a plain bowl of boiling water in a big bowl,head under towel.Olbas oil,menthol etc don't improve this treatment.I find I can tolerate the steam hotter without additives & they irritate the eyes when used with steam.

Prevention is my main method of coping:-

As close to zero gluten-free as I can manage

Minimal dairy

As close to zero chocolate as possible

Rinsing my sinuses morning & evening with Dr Mehta's Sinugator(not when bunged up!)every day of the year.

Using a Sterimar nasal spray during the day

Using a GP prescribed steroid nasal spray to abort a sinus headache very occasionally.

At the moment I am transitioning to NDT & hoping I don't have a repeat of last winter's post- infection saga.There was a really potent virus doing the rounds last year.


It is really unpeasant. I have used acupuncture for sinus issues which works well for me. Also fill a bowl with boiling water, cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl and breath the moist air in. This helps to clear things out.


I've had a bad bout this year too, my GP prescribed a steroid spray, but what worked best was a Sterimar salt water spray ( the one with copper) and regular steam inhalations. I use menthol and eucalyptus from the pharmacy.

It's a good idea to avoid dairy as much as possible, and to eat raw crunchy salads. Raw cabbage is a natural antiseptic, so cut up some red or white cabbage into small pieces and include that. Plus nuts and fruit. If you can eat that for lunch every couple of days it will help. Drink fruit juice too.

The other thing is to try and support your immune system with VitC , Berocca, or Sambucol soluble tablets.

Hope you feel better soon?

Ps Try holding a hot and then cold flannel to your face over the sinuses, repeat this several times each evening before bed. It increases the circulation to the area and can help free up the congestion.


I had bad sinus problems from the age of 8 years old. I have had two operation for it.

I had 8 months of bad sinus last year. I looked up a natural cure and tried this. I still do it every day even when I am without sinus. Olbas oil I put some on cotton wool and sniff this up each nostril before I sleep. I hold something warm against my sinus each day to ease them up. I also take 1000 vit C each day for colds.


Sorry I left something out I take a dessert spoonful of honey as well as the other two things.

It had antibacterial properties.


Thanks everyone, it's definitely got worse since my endo confirmed I was euthyroid - which for me usually means my T4 is in the lower end of the range.

Anti thyroid meds do tend to have an affect of your immune system so I'm thinking that's part of the problem along side diet (I do eat a fair amount of dairy).


Are you sure the problem is sinus? I thought mine were but it turned out I had a huge infection in an upper tooth and when it was taken out I was told it was open right into the sinus. That stopped my headaches for a long time, then they started again and again I thought it was sinus ... but turned out to be chronic migraine. I just read last night on a naturopath's website that lots of people think they have sinus but it's migraine.


Hi Dina, I had a check up at the dentist a month ago and al was well. I went back last week as my impacted wisdom tooth is where my gums are all swollen (I thought it may be infected) the dentist was sure there was no infection just lost of inflammation.


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