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Bleeding and receeding gums.


Hello all

Bit of a yukky question but I can (and have been able to for some years now) suck on my teeth/gums and literally fill my mouth with blood. I haven't got gingivitis, got decent, strong teeth, got a couple of fillings and a cap but I have never had infection problems like abbesses etc and have only needed cleans since my early teens onwards. Have receeding gums too but I did smoke for 30 odd years. Clean my teeth twice a day, mouthwash etc but flossing is painful due to the receeding gums, even those little brush type things can be painful ... Anyone else have similar things?

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No I do not have that problem - yes the occasional bit of blood when brushing. Am wondering what your VitD levels are ? Mouthwash is full of nasties - unless you use a natural one - maybe salt and water well diluted. B12 levels could also be a factor ....

I did read somewhere that someone opened a capsule of VitD and sloshed it around the mouth - worth a try !

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Thank-you for given advice. Me is suffering bleeding gum while just find out I am Hyperthyroidism. Dentist told me just to floss my teeth. I am on medication so was looking for advice to help my bleeding gum in a nature way.

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Why not start a new post with your question .... 😊

Mouthwash can be bad like Marz said. Especially those that contain alcohol and other substances that wipe off not just bad bacteria but good ones too. And lack of good bacteria is bigger problem as it's harder to get them back.

Vitamin D , again like Marz said, is good! It naturally lowers inflammation and fights off bad bacteria.

Sounds like gum disease to me. Have you had your pocket depths tested? I would see a hygienist and check. You risk losing your teeth if your gums aren't strong enough no matter how good your teeth are. I think around 1 in 12 people suffer from it. But it's treatable. I'm an ex smoker too and it started after I stopped. The smoking can hide it.

I had treatment and I now use an electric brush and teepees everyday and keep it at bay.

I just been to my dentist a few days ago. Pocket depth tested is it a routine check up? Or do I have to request it? My dentist is a NHS one. Do I have to go private?

Mine was done by the hygienist at the surgery. I’m also NHS so just pay the cost of the hygienist-albeit more than the dentist. My dentist referred me. But if you dentist hasn’t said anything then maybe it’s somethibg else.

Like to think your dentist would pick it up if it is gum disease. Sorry I can’t be more help

I usually showed my gums bleed when I saw the hygienist but then one visit nothing in the bowl. Such a shock that I exclaimed loudly! So I asked her what had she found in my mouth and she said great improvement and only produced a minute show of blood when she pressed a proble in the look at the firmness of my gums! She was impressed and asked how I had managed such improvement! Well I had read about adding K2 to vitamin D. I was now experiencing what the article I'd read said teeth firmer in gums and less bleeding!

Hi Silverfox. I've an ongoing battle to keep my gums clean and free of infection. Just started taking Vit D because of my PBC (autoimmune condition that affects bile ducts/liver) even though I do get loads of sunshine. Despite living in the UK I travel to the sun frequently. I've never heard of K2 though. What is that? Anything that'll help me hold onto my teeth is good. Thanks. Adele

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K2 is one of the important cofactors needed when taking D3

It's generally said that K2-MK7 is the better form to take.

There are some links in my post from last year that you might find helpful

Thanks Susie. The doctors never tell you some of this stuff. I remember when I was prescribed iron tablets and it was the pharmacist who told me I ought to take Vit C to make sure my body actually absorbed some of the iron. Luckily we now have oodles of info on the web and great sources of knowledge like yourself! Thank you. Adele

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Adele, I don't think many doctors know much at all about vitamins and minerals, certainly nothing about 'optimal' levels! I could cry when I see a post where the GP has told the member 'Your xxxxxx is only a bit under range, that's fine' 😥

British Drs are NOT trained in nutrition unless there is time over at the end of their training courses and then they get perhaps at best a bit of information thrown at them. I have been studying this science for over 50 years and it never stops changing - so how they are ever going to be preventative about ill health instead of hitting everything with drugs - its my own opinion Drs today are just glorified drug pushers...............things must change - 24 people a day are dying of drugs prescribed by the medical profession and taken as per their instructions......

Totally agree with Docs wanting to do expensive surgery before they would suggest relatively cheap vitamins or alternatives that may help. I had been reading on brushing with an activated charcoal, have bought some, and am using it. You look like a total idiot while brushing, but it rinses out easy.

Yes I know what this is - you are very very low on Vitamin C - one of the first signs sailors were 'going down'with scurvy was their teeth bled - any time my teeth bleed I pop a vitamin C and it stops eventually - be careful because it is important you have enough C for your adrenals too so you are low in it. COQ10 is also good for gum health and restore gum health ..............

Please be aware that COQ10 is a wonderful supplement - particularly for the heart - BUT it does lower blood pressure and will make you feel weak if you are an low adrenal person whose blood pressure is also low due to this issue.

Scurvy is a condition characterised by general weakness, anaemia, gingivitis (gum disease), and skin haemorrhages caused by a prolonged deficiency of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in the diet. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen, a major component of connective tissue.

You would have lost Vitamin C (25 mg) per cigarette - but don't worry I was a smoker too but I took Vitamin C 1,000 mg a day for 30 years which compensated - you can halt your gum issues with supplements. Hope this helps.

Well said Poshthinking you are spot on there...I see the government (NICE) is trying to hide low level scurvy by calling it vitamin C anaemia!!! then in the small print scurvy. I am even amazed that you can get vitamin C on prescription now.

What - that is outrageous - yet Pernicious anaemia patients cannot get their life saving injections without a fight - and us thyroid patients can't get our life giving hormones and yet they are subscribing Vitamin C on the NHS - why ? Scurvy is eventually life threatening but not as much as our situation and the PA groups etc. - just eat fruit and buy supplements - hmm - me feels an e mail coming on to NICE - do you have anything I can read on this Katherine and thanks for posting.

I will try and find it for was about 6 weeks ago I read it! although I tend to think that prescribing vitamin C on the NHS is a good thing. 2 people I know who had pneumonia and COPD this year got prescribed it and it undoubting saved them. I suspect you would not get vitamin C prescribed without a fight too :0( I am under the belief that a lot of us are suffering with low level scurvy there is no vitamin C left in our fresh foods by the time they actually reach our table. Fruit is being picked raw (no vitamin C content built up) and then sprayed with chemicals to make them change colour and look ripe!

Yes agree I am reading a book on Pernicious Anaemia (no romantic novels for me) and inside was a schedule of the values within foods 1940 to 1991 - I quote carrots 75% less magnesium 48% less calcium 46% less iron and 75% less copper - broccoli 75% less calcium - spring onions 74% less calcium - spinach boiled 60% less iron and 96% less copper - Swede 71% less iron - watercress 94% less copper - potatoes - 30% less magnesium - 35% less calcium - 45% less iron - 47% less copper - all meats - 41% less calcium and 54% less iron - Apples and oranges 67% less iron - all fruits 27% less zinc

The authors of the report state you would have to eat 10 tomatoes in 1991 to get the same copper as one tomato would have given you in 1940 and three oranges to get the iron you would have got in one 50 years ago - and GP's etc say you dont need supplements - no wonder kids behaviour is so poor etc. - and adults for that matter - in 1948 there were 158 mgs of iron in 100 grams of spinach - but this has fallen to 2.2 mg by the early 1990's. courtesy of Pernicious Anaemia the Forgotten Disease by Martyn Hooper MBE.

Giving the people you say were helped the Vitamin C would have helped them heal as it is important for the adrenals.

Nice talking - back to my book !!!

We are so like minded on this one, I try to tell people there is less and less nutrition in our food every year...most people are eating fake Frankenstein food and do not realise it :0( still trying to find where I read the vitamin C scurvy link...I cannot believe I did not save it to favs :0(

I think the vitamin C scurvy link can be found in Earl Mindell's The Vitamin Bible.


What book are you reading?

Pernicious Anaemia the Forgotten Disease by Martyn Hooper MBE.


Oops you mentioned it before. Thanks anyway.

I have receding gums and frequently have shows of blood. I found that taking high dose vitamin C stops the bleeding.

I think that's it is caused by 30 years of smoking. Do you have regular descales at the dentist?

I am ashamed to say that I smoked 40 a day for years - but have no wrinkles around my mouth or on my face - like some smokers do - because I supplemented with vitamins and minerals since the age of 19 ..............and my teeth are OK but I did need the Vitamin C as you lose zinc and C when smoking.

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Yes I do and there is never any suggestions of infection/inflammation etc .. I don't have any pain, pretty good non-sensitivity to ice or hot drinks/food etc. I can suck on my right canine and literally fill my mouth ... The dentist says it's most likely the smoking that receeded my gums. I'll try the high dose vitC and see how I get on.

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Good idea Vitamin C it can't do any harm. By the way my gums are receding a little but that's just old age I think who knows?

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go to "Earth Clinic"& check out oil pulling-well whacky but might just help....

co enzyme q10 a good brand is supposed to help teeth and gums. are you sure no infection.

Yes I'm sure ... No pain, not overly smelly breath (Think us Hypo sufferers get a bit of that) ...

try oil pulling.

What is oil pulling??

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oh-sorry!Just seen blue petals has already recommended this.Earth Clinic is the best site for whacky cures that work

You must visit your dentist or hygienist immediately. Gum health is imperative. Get them to show you how to use TP sticks to clean properly, or whatever method they advise, no matter if it's painful, as you must treat gum disease correctly. You might need to use a proper mouthwash for a week as well but you should get proper advice from a qualified practitioner. If you've given up smoking that's a start. As suggested above, check vitamin D levels but you still must visit the dentist/hygienist. Bleeding gums should not be ignored.

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I don't want to argue with you but the poster has said he/she goes to the dentist regularly and has no disease, but, more importantly, my dentist has told me NOT to use mouthwashes, especially not the ones recommended by GPs. For one thing they cause staining in most people but also with gum disease we need something more effective, I know from experience. I was given a new dentist and she on my first visit found a cary, a deep one, very worn tooth enamel, receding gums and infection. She has sorted it all out, apart from the enamel, but kept reminding me not to use the mouthwashes.

I've had tooth problems all my life.....just horrible and painful.

About 2 years ago I started using the HealThyMouth Blend from OraWellness with amazing results. My dentist - for the first time - could find nothing wrong with my teeth and gums.... It's been like a miracle for me and I've not needed to go back to him for well over a year now. I also do oil pulling which not only benefits the mouth but the whole body. You can find everything to do with oral health on the OraWellness website. There are articles and videos.

This is the link

I really hope you can benefit from their advice and products.

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As said I have never had pain etc .. Just can suck on my teeth and get a mouthful of thick, dark red blood as if from an artery itself ... Your stuff sounds good, will look out for it and take high dose VitC .., For gawd sake what is 'Oil Pulling'?

I add pure ascorbic acid powder to diluted fruit juice with my lunch. It's a cheap way of getting Vitamin c with no fillers. I'll also sometimes add a pure Mineral Mix to it as well. It means that I don't get tummy rumblings (gas) after lunch. I do seem to have better gum health these days.

Thinking about it, my gums were atrocious while I had reflux due to low stomach acid.

I had several mouth issues, bleeding gums being one of them – my dentist and GP weren’t at all helpful, and blamed me for overbrushing, (or not brushing well enough), my diet, my age, my over-indulgence for chocolate when younger, or any of the various auto-immune issues I had. It wasn’t until I sought help from a private nutritionist for other reasons that I was found to be severely deficient in vitamin C.

When I later mentioned this to the GP months later, I got a shrug of the shoulders. I learnt about vitamin C and scurvy in primary school, yet doctors don’t learn about any of it.

Hi Quasarlis, I have had the same but don't know if I can help. I was appointed a new dentist who has sorted it out but it all coincided with hypothyroid symptom worsening leading to the discovering that I need T3. On T3 all has improved, even the receding gums which I didn't think possible. I can't tell of course if the improvement is from the dentist's excellent treatment or from the T3 or both but my endo did say he expected my absorption to improve on T3. I know most people don't need it but thought I'd just flag it up for you.

And unfortunately, no amount of “good eating” will sort out a deficiency if you don’t absorb the nutrients from your food, it is so frustrating. My diet is extremely good – I see a private nutritionist, and she has helped immeasurably. However, I struggle badly with absorption (which we are working on) and test low or deficient for most things unless I supplement heavily. Many hypo people have low absorption issues.

My vitamin C deficiency was found when I was eating a minimum of 15 portions of vegetables per day!


I have found redoxin tablets orange flavour is effective in treating bleeding gums. I take a tablet as soon as my gums bleed and find it stops within in a couple of days. I take a 1000mg of redoxon

every day. I never use fluoride toothpaste as it can harm the thyroid. Be careful of your gums as

they might need treating by the dentist,

Ultrasound cleaning and removal of tarter is less painful than ordinary dental methods. I don't have bleeding after treatment.

Just curious have you checked your thyroid levels? I have the same symptoms but I think it's due to my hypothyroidism.

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