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Should I stop t3 without increasing Tironsint T4

Levels before taking half dose of t3.

TSH 1.89 (47-4.68)

T4 1.10 (.78-2.19)

T3 2.8 (2.2-4.2)

Taking 25mg Tironsiny

Was taking 10mg T3 now last 2 wekks only 5 and suppose to stop T3 altogether today because I am so shaky and anxiety but scared to stop it all together as I heard it helps with depression, energy and hair growth.

Ferritin 47.4 up from 20 on supplements

Vit B12 661 (239-931)

Folic acid >20. (>=3.0)

Vit D 49.2 (40-80)

Ant thyroglobulin <20 (0-49)

Thyroid perioxide <10 (<=35.0)

Thyroid receptor AB .96 (<=1.75)

Phosphorous 3.1 (2.5-4.5)

ANA test came back negative:)

Corrisol salvia 0.137 (0.149- 0.739)

Cortisol blood 59 ((0-50)

So he wants me to stop all T3 today and bump up the Tironsit t4 only another 25 tomorrow. Said the T3 was short acting and should know if I feel better with a day or two of the T3. Just not sure what to do with this anxiety 6-8 hours a day and hair loss that continues but seemed a little better being on the T3. I also thought there was room to increase the T3 instead of going down and I understand his concerns because of my jittery and anxiety but I thought 5-10 mg of T3 is pretty small and maybe I need more to get over the symptoms? Im so confused and scared to go off of it. Any opinions:) Thank you, Lori

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Have symptoms of anxiety and shakiness improved since you reduced T3 to 5mcg?

I would have suggested increasing either Tirosint or T3 to see whether symptoms improved. I think you will be undermedicated if you stop T3 without increasing Tirosint 25mcg.


Anxiety can also be an under-medicated symptom. I would have wanted to increase my T3, not stop it. :(


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