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Just too much

Hello everyone and dare i say...

Happy new year!

I have been diagnosed under active since feb 2017

Have been on 150mcg levo for over a month now but have built up since starting on 25mcg back in feb. Anyway, endo says my levels are good but i now appatently only need yearly blood tests for my throid. Firstly, is this correct please?

Also i am so so fatigued and fall asleep so easily in the afternoon even if i have had a very good nights sleep the night before.

(but i do have sleep apnoea - using cpap cpap machine)

I also have weird thinning hair (seriously considering having a pro wig fitted)

Have general low mood most of the time edging on depression even though i am on anti depressants (45mg mirtazipine)

Just such fatigue/lethargy

Should i check out natural thyroid? Where do i get that from? And do you take that along with levo or in it's place?

My vitamin levels ate okay too btw.

Sorry for all my queries.

Thank you so much in advance



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Members will need your thyroid test results (with ranges) to be able to answer. Also, if you havent already, please ask your GP to test your Vit D, B12, folate and iron.

Sleep apnoea, fatigue and hair loss are all connected to low thyroid levels.

If your levels are low, even changing thyroid meds is not going to make you feel fully better. Best to get as many things 'optimal' and go from there.


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