Too much T3?

Just been trying to work out why I have the most awful few days where my body was shaking all day, felt wobbly and anxiety out of this world. I upped my T3 at the beginning of the month by a further 5mcg taking me up to 20mcg with 100 Levo (last results in profile).

I am wondering whether (having Hashi's) I have gone overactive as I remember when my body crashed 18months ago, the symptoms were the same and I was found to have a very high T4 reading.

I missed a couple of doses of my meds and do actually feel a little better today so I have ordered another test to check my levels.

What do you think?

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  • Jefner,

    No point in guessing. It's either a Hashi flare making you *feel* over medicated or you are over medicated. I would drop T3 back to 15mcg until you have the results.

  • Clutter

    But I won't be able to test until Monday and if I drop back now, I will get a false result won't I?

  • Jefner,

    No, the result will show whether or not you are over medicated.

  • Clutter

    Won't some of the T3 have left my system over the 5 days and brought my levels down?

  • Jefner,

    I doubt 5mcg per day will make much difference.

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