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So it's been awhile!

For the longest time I've been doing so great on 100 mcg of Levo ever sine I've been pregnant. Which before I was pregnant I took 75 mcg. However, recently I've noticed my tbh levels have sky rocketed, and I've noticed some changes in my health again. Sort of like when I first began taking Levo, I got scalloped tongue, headaches, itchy, blurry vision, and low blood pressure! O know pregnancy's been playing a role in some of those symptoms, but still I know my body very well now. Considering how in tuned I've become with it I just know now when it's not liking something. I've been trying to get my Ob to send me to and endocrinologist since this whole time I've been pregnant she's been the only one regulating my thyroid, and ever since I've been taking Levo which started at least a year and a half ago, I have yet to try and find the underlying cause on why I have Hashimotos. I understand people have a gene that gets unlocked by a certain reaction in your Immune System, which then causes your thyroid to be Hypo or Hyper. Back when I was younger I had gotten Mono from one of my older sisters, who had gotten it from school. Years later of it being in remission considering once you have Mono, you have it in your blood and system for life. Now that doesn't mean you're contagious, or anything like that. But Mono can be activated as well in the near future, meaning your body will go through every symptom you had when you were younger. Or they could be worse if your body and you cant get ot to go back into remission. It could even possibly kill you! Which for the longest I hd every symptoms of mono again. So I finally had them check it by a blood test, to see if it had reactivated itself within my immune system. Which they discovered it had on fact, reactivated itself. Which this was causing my liver and spleen to swell, a scalloped tongue always, low blood pressure, fainting episodes (sometimes while driving), pains in my chest, and more. I thought I had lymphoma, and so did they! Everywhere I had gone. To a Cancer care unit, they even had to put me through Chemo a couple of times to try and get my lymphnodes in my neck to swell down!

Anyways, I went way off topic. I guess today was the right day for me to be willing to tell a little about my journey on how I discivered that I was in fact Hypo. That I have Hashimotos. I went over a year of being priced, poked, cut into, put under, and sampled for almost 2 years straight before finding it out. I did have signs of Cancer everywhere, which I sort of still do since we never got to the bottom of that part of the story, but I got pregnant half a year after I had Surgery to get half my Thyroid cut off since a mass had been growing at an exponential rate inside of my left thyroid lobe.

Today I have a major scalloped tongue, headaches, anxiety again, swollen neck, swollen lymphnodes all over, and just more. Which leads me to believe that my thyroid is being mistreated. And while being 35 weeks pregnant, you can't really play around with those stuff. I know I had put my Hashimotos into remission, for the longest time my levels all came back normal, until I had became pregnant and put on more Hormone replacement. Now my levels are within the "normal" range but not within my normal range for me that makes me feel the best.

Other side note, I now have to go back to the Cancer unit and get checked for Breast Cancer since they have stopped paying attention to that part of my health. I have symptoms of IBC, it's rare though! So I'm hoping it's to rare for me! Pray for me!!!

This is a new year, and even though my post is all about health scares, and be mistreated. I've had a wonderful 2017, and I've gotten so much done with my life. Now I'm in the year of which my Baby girl will be born, and I cannot wait to meet her (: I'm already so in love and connected with her in a way that I never knew was possible. ^.^

So here's to starting off the New Year, by saying that I am SO happy to of met my partner who has given me such an amazing gift, my baby (: Happy New Years everyone!

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Hi there, congratulations on being pregnant. I'm not an expert but I do know that you have to be very careful about getting the right dosage of levothyroxine while pregnant and your doctor should be monitoring this carefully. Maybe you should schedule an appointment to get your levels checked asap and, if necessary, adjust your dose.


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