Swollen tongue with scalloped edges

Hi guys,

last year upon all symptoms I had I also got a bit swollen tongue with scalloped edges. It feels swollen and bruised. Normally I didn't have scalloped edges so it's not normal for me.

I read that it could be fro B12 deficiency, my B12 was a bit low so I got injections and take high dosed tablets under the tongue since that.

Nothing changed and I read it could also be from being hypothyroid. I'm now on Levo for almost 6 weeks (take 50mcg, blood test monday, friday GP app) and noticed my tongue feels again bruised en sometimes it feels like needles stinging. If I look in the mirror I again see a tongue with scalloped edges. Color is normal.

I thought that this is maybe the thyroid and it's a bit worse because I've just started treatment and looking for the right dose.

I was wondering if anybody else had this symptom?


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19 Replies

  • Hi Flower

    here's a quick search for you - many have reported this.... (my tongue also felt fat first thing -I couldn't actually say those words!). healthunlocked.com/search/s...

    Definitely B12 related (IMHO), could it be that now you're on Levo there are more demands being made on your system, best check out all the usual culprits iron, ferritin, folate & B12, Vit D - I take a multivit.

    Just started Levo this week too - now seem to have tinnitis ...... J :D

  • Thank you for your reply, I forgot to check the quick search, I will go and look at it right now.

    I already take a good multivitamin and on top of that high dose vit. D3 and B12. I have high hopes for the Levo but it's a long way to find the right dose (I know I'm only taking it for 6 weeks but it can't go fast enough for me). I'm also very curious what will change if i'm on the right dose.

    Great, haha, tinnitis is no fun, I hope it will go away soon!

  • I have read that bioactive B12 taken with folic acid (vitamin b) may be helpful for people with thyroid disorders. Have you found this so?

  • Flower3, scalloped tongue is a common hypothyroid symptom. When you are optimally dosed it should improve.

  • Hi,

    I suffer swollen tongue with bumpy edges.

    Bloods showed Folate below range, b12 within range. Other endo bloods showed me in ranges, though have huge amount of hypothyroid symptoms.

    Due to see gp in the new year.

    If you find out anything to contrary of b12, Folate, hypothyroid pleeeease let me know. I'm going round in circles with Dr's x

  • I'm sorry you are feeling unwell. My folate was always good and B12 a bit low but after injections and high dose sublingual tablets it is supposed to be high in range. So I believe that was not the cause of the swollen tongue for me.

    Since I've just started hypothyroid treatment I can't say if this is it. I hope so, I will let it know.

  • Thank you xx

  • I can almost regulate my dose by my tongue! If I miss a dose I will always have the scalloped swollen tongue next day. First thing to appear and last to go.

  • It is interesting. Can I ask you when this symptom disappeared? How long on the right dose?

  • About three months. It took a year in all to get things balanced, I know I am just about right, being on a combination of NDT and T3 now, I find it easy to control. I know if I have a more active day I need a tiny bit more T3.

  • Hi Marram,

    I have got in a bit of a tangle with my ndt, and do occasionally top up with t3. Am feeling both hyper and hypo. At moment my tongue is swollen and scalloped and sore. Makes me lisp, too. I wondered if you are still doing well with t3 top up on your ndt.

  • Well, as you can see, hellbell, all,this was 10 months ago, and I found the NDT did not suit, as it is now clear that I cannot convert the T4 in it any better than I can the T4 in Levo. So I am on T3 only and not too bad, despite having major open heart surgery, I am almost back to normal, I am able to do my own cooking and some of my lighter cleaning, though I have to have help for heavy work, not because of the thyroid but because of the heart. I was, apparently, born with a faulty heart valve (called a bicuspid artic valve).

    The heart surgeon told me that my recovery was probably quicker because I was on T3. I managed to come home just 5 days after having an aortic valve replacement, an aortic root repair, and a repair to an aortic aneurism. A five hour operation. That was in April, just six months ago.

    Marie xxx

  • Wow...warrior woman! And I hope the knowledge of your T3 flew around that dept.

    I am thinking about t3 only. I have tried it a handful of times when I think I am pooling, and...early days to really say, but it seemed far more controllable. I suppose I just don't like the idea of having to bother with dosing several times a day but I sure found that my body told me when without having to worry about what might be sneakily backing up in my blood.

    Anyway, wishing you continued health and activity. That was some going.


  • The pie crust tongue is caused by mucin. Mucin is the jelly like substance which infiltrates the tissues of the hypothyroid, giving the classic swollen face, half closed eyes, large tongue and 'thickened' skin.

    It does go, but you need to be on enough meds for enough time. I

  • Totally agree. This is the explanation given to me by Dr. Peatfield.

  • Thank you, it kind of make sense. It seems like it gets worse through the day, the bruised feeling I mean.

    Tomorrow my blood test, can't wait.

  • I had this for years..no pain tho, just swollen, until i went to t3 only. It is a symptom of low thyroid or from inflammation from Hashimotos, also, my daughter gets it from Gluten..so there is a definite inflammatory component here.

  • I also had the swollen tongue with scalloped edge but this was when I was first diagnosed as hyperactive.

    Hyper/Hypo, thyroid condition is real roller coaster whether over/under active, but thank goodness for this site and all lovely people happy to share experiences and their knowledge. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

  • Hi flower - that must be scary looking at your tongue - too many late night monster films would

    have you sent you to have your bumps felt! There are online sites with tongue photos - I found I had a fissure in my tongue a deep groove which is related to zinc deficiency. I took vitamins c and zinc in dispersible tablets as a drink for a few weeks and found the groove was better

    You might find your tongue" design "is online in a photo - you could type in tongue shape and

    crenellaltions into google and find some sites. As far as your thyroid is concerned, the levo you are taking is a form of iodine. You can top up your iodine, in food by eating fish paste, or any type of fish shrimps prawns, or by using natural sea salt, - there is one salt farm in Scotland which

    sells sea salt. If not you can buy iodised salt thorugh waitrose online and may be sainsburys.

    Other food sources are milk, natural yoghurt . Does it work? Yes. I had goitre which had grown

    noticeable over thirty years, after six months of having milk and fishpaste every day, my goitre has shrunk!

    I take B12 drops on the tongue which are bioactive - if the B12 is taken orally or digested.

    then it may be bypassed during digestion, I get them from Global healing, as they seem to be the only ones advertised as bio active.

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