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Lump on throat & scalloped tongue

Hi, first time here , can any body help? For the last two years I have presented same symptoms to GP aching muscles all over body , tiredness, disturbed sleep , twitching muscles , low moods and a whole lot more . I have had several blood checks everything comes back normal. Last year GP said it was fibromyalgia I am suffering from . My tongue has been swollen and scalloped round edges feels too Big for my mouth. Last week I found lump on my throat, GP checked bloods thyroid and tests me back normal . Does anybody have same symptoms or any answers ??

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Hi & welcome Angeren (sorry you're here 'tho)

A scalloped or enlarged tongue is usually due to it pressing against your teeth - check your B12 levels (the HU PA site is very informative - a lot of us are on both as it links).

Fibromyalgia means muscle pain - this can be caused by deficiencies and/or low thyroid - well, you can easily eliminate deficiencies with blood tests - the thyroid blood tests can be confusing - but it is a place to start. My CFS was actually low Vitamin D.

check B12 & folate

iron & ferritin

Vitamin D & Calcium

Magnesium can be one of the culprits for muscle ache - testing is difficult as it can appear to be high in serum.

Please post your Thyroid tests.never believe 'normal' if you post results (& ranges) folk can comment & suggest help... J :D

re-reading... Have you been offered an ultrasound for the lump?


Ive had bloods checked for thyroid, calcium levels,vitamin d , kidney function,liver function. GP told me I had slight vitamin d deficiency but not low enough to be prescribed medication , all other bloods were in my GP's words ''pretty normal''.. .but I still feel tired all the time, my hands and feet are always cold ive gained Weight, suffer terrible stomach pains & constipation . I get tingling numbness in feet , fingers very stiff my wrists ache and my body aches all over which GP said twas age related , I am 50 years old !!!!!! I have Bern referred to a pain clinic to manage my pain , I wad prescribed gabapentin, etoricoxib and lidocaine plasters but not felt much improvement . Pain clinic said I had fibromyalgia and some neuropathic pain. I feel I have no quality of life . I have recently given up work because pains are so bad, don't seem to be getting anywhere with GP .


Neuro pain can be low B12, iron, vit D amongst others... always worth eliminating in case....

If it's low B12 it must be addressed before it gets worse/permanent - are you vegan? sorry to ask but it is significant. Have you had nerve conduction tests? (they hurt)

'Slight vitamin deficiency' is a vitamin deficiency - & significant!

I take 'boost' spray Oct-March (when there's no sun - not that it makes much difference!) I was due to have bi-lateral carpal and cubital tunnel surgery before I found out it was "just" vitamin D (seco-steriod, pro-hormone controls calcium & cholestrol etc etc don't wash it off!)

Oh & never believe 'normal' if you don't feel your normal self..

J :D


I had to have a fasting blood test done because my optician noticed a small bleed behind my right eye he explained that was a sign of high blood pressure or diabetes he wrote to my GP , my fasting test should that I had high cholesterol it was 9 I was completely shocked as ive always been careful with my diet after my mum had a stoke at the age of 52 I am 50 and ive always tried to keep a healthy weight . The GP said having high cholesterol wasn't all down to diet and that I should exercise more. He arranged for me to get bloods checked in 3 months time.


No not vegan and not had nerve conduction tests.


High cholesterol is a classic Thyroid sign.. despite diet, BUT exercise is always good, if you can.

It's Vit D connected, D controls cholesterol (& calcium) - it's needed to produce hormones & brain function - too much cholesterol means more hormone production is needed - finding out which one is the problem...


Cortisol (Adrenal)

progesterone - could be any/all really depending on need...

OK... thinking....

Graves disease affects eyes - Hashimotos is the usual sort of Hypo or Thyroiditis (an autoimmune attack on the Thyroid) I had both sorts of symptoms until Thyroid died.

Diabetes and Thyroid disease are connected historically, we're all trying to avoid the connection 'tho.

OK. (I'm no doctor just speaking from my experience - please get tested first).

Take 5000iu vitamin D for 3 months and tell me how your joint pain is.

Take B12 spray to avoid Neuro stuff - pins/needles shaky weakness (see Dr Chandy)

there are more but you won't know what helps if there's too many in the mix, ideally we should only start with one - but the temptation to feel better overrides being logical

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Just re your cholesterol levels, my dad was 96 when he died and his level was very high. My keeps going up its now 7.1 I'm 55. I am very careful about what I eat, and I take my hound out every day come rain or shine. I used to walk 5k but its now more like 3k a day. My Dr is brilliant and has said don't worried about it because my good cholesterol is very high, and has said that some familes do have high cholesterol. My parents were the most health-ist eaters for people born pre WW2, and I had a very balanced diet as a kid, ok I was a butter fiend back then, but I'm very careful and have bencol type spreads now. I can see why you are worried if your mum died at such an early age, but ask the Dr what your good cholesterol is. Personally I think this cholesterol lark has got a bit out of hand, back in the day the ideal number was 5. something, now its gone down to 4. something. So long as youre not having fried ups every day and are careful what you eat, don't be worrying too much, thats only my opinion.



Oh my mum didnt die from her stroke at 52 but it was caused by her having high cholesterol, it was a wake up call tho , thats why ive always watched by diet. My mum is 72 now and is in better health than me at the moment.


opps sorry I mis-read. 72 years young eh thats very good. I think the "older" ones are made of stronger stuff sometimes :-)


Had scan today, ive to make an appointment with my GP in two weeks for results. My bloods came back normal


Welcome to the forum, Angeren.

'Pretty normal' is an opinion, not a result. You need to ask for a printout of your test results and post them on here and we'll tell you how 'normal' they are.

Did your GP examine the lump and has he referred you for an ultra sound scan?


GP did very quick examination because it was an emergency appointment I had been given and not a routine appointment she took blood sample and arranged for ultrasound scan she said it looked like a cyst on my thyroid gland, I mentioned I had other symptoms she said to wait on results of blood sample and scan and take it from there.


The scalloped tongue is caused by mucin, which fills all the tissues with a jelly like substance and makes them swell. Its a symptom of hypothyroudism.

Suggest you ask the doctors what levels your tsh and free t4 are.... You are entitled to be given this information.

Xx. g


Yeah think im going to do that, as they always say normal or satifactory never give actual reading.



Always, always, always ask for a print-out of the results of any blood test you have done - with the ranges. It is your legal right to have them and it is essential to have them if you want to get to the bottom of your illness rather than just trust your doctors opinion - because he knows little to nothing about hormones and nutrients. He just didn't learn it in med school, and he's floundering around in the dark saying things like 'pretty normal' - i.e. I haven't the slightest idea what it's supposed to be!

Ask for your results - you may have to pay a couple of quid to cover ink and paper (or take your own paper!) - but they can't refuse. Then post your results on here and we'll be able to help you understnad them. :)

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yes im going to do that next time i phone to make an appointment for the results of my scan i had for the lump on my neck ,see what they say to that





Hi I also had a swollen tongue, fatigue , red hands and bright red toes lol and would get very confused. I had a melt down and wrote everything down and when I saw my gp was really in a state and told him that I had been to see him on numerous occasions and told him to read my list when he had TIME. He then took blood and phoned me two days later to say I had a low thyroid. All sorted now and feel so much better so write everything down and present it to your GP and ask him to sort it. Turns out I was borderline from 2004 and no treatment offered which I am sure would have helped my many symtoms. My tongue is now back to normal and since medication kicked in it hasn't swollen again. I know what you mean, your tongue feels to big for your mouth. hope you get sorted soon .x


yeah i did do , i also have written everything down and presented to my gp I also printed off a body pain chart from internet and marked all areas of pain and gave very detailed description of pains i was suffering along with all the pain related illness i have suffered all my adult life ever since i had glandular fever at the age of 19. I have never felt the same since, tirdeness, sleep disturbence, IBS, headaches, stress, anxiety most times been told tomanage it with paracetomal. Eventually just gave up seeing my gp as i felt I wasnt being taken seriously. In 2003 i paid for a food intolerence test which showed that I have a dairy intolerence, i also had a vitamin and mineral test, I was recommended to take zinz, magnisium, vitamin B complex I walked out of health shop carrying a very large bag of bottles of pills which were very expensive.In 2006 I had some blood tests as I was feeling really run down, cold all the time, hedaches, bloated tummy etc. Bloods came back normal , the gp said he would run one more set of tests which showed up that I had a condition called Gilberts syndrome but he reasured me it was not life threating and did not require treatment. So again I just struggled on feeling rubbish. Then 2012 I had an accident at work and injured my right shoulder, after months of suffering pain and gp's saying it will get better to just give it time, I was eventually refereed to pyhsio, then had steroid injection then finally operation in 2013 for rotator cuff injury, and last year had an operation for tennis elbow. I returned to work July last year and muscle pains, twitching, numbness in feet in hand, swollen tongue with scalloped edges just got worse. I was tearful all the time because of pain so I decided to write everything I suffer from down on paper and handed it to my gp she read it and said that what i had presented to her sounded vey much like fibromyalgia, she gave me a leaflet to read up on the condition and a book to read about how to manage pain. All bloods have came pack normal apart from the vitaminD but I wasnt given any treatment for it. I am going through the menopause and gp said that can cause most of my symptoms but I am not buying that one!!. So now I have to wait and see what scan shows up on the lump on my neck. I just add any new ailments down on my ever increasing list because I dont Know what else to do, its vey difficult to get an appointment at my surgery waiting time for appointment is 3 weeks so I need to write it all down or I will forget .

Thanks for your advice and for taking the time to reply


Shame I know how you feel I have CMT and was surprise also diagnosed with fibro by spec in 2004 when all my problems started. I struggled along until to six months ago when I was getting lost in familiar places lol. When I saw my GP over all this he asked if he could sedate me as I was so upset I remember screaming at him That I wasn't depressed I was ill.

He finally took note took blood tests and then and put me on levothyroxine which has now sorted all my problems relating to my thyroid. He told me I had been borderline since 2004 and then said maybe I should have had treatment long ago. I could have murdered him lol. I do get pain and electric shocks from CMT and am on medication for that. Obviously I wasn't getting the extreme pain you are getting as I am guessing you are not on any pain relief. But I was in a lot of pain and lots of other symptoms. My pain is now under control and don't give up, see another GP and take your list with you. Good luck x


some links may help....

Scalloped tongue

Importance of vitamin D

Importance of B12

My GP just said "go to boots" for vitamin D - (they don't make money out of mere vitamins) I bought "Biocare" drops for £8 which lasted 3 months, I now use a "Boost" spray - I highly recommend trying any Vitamin D as I avoided surgery and heavy pain killers.

I also strongly suggest you are tested for B12, as if left, it can cause neurological damage which cannot be reversed - (not trying to be alarmist, but GPs often do not recognise their importance - those of us who suffer certainly do!). J :D

please post your thyroid test results (ranges in brackets).


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