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Im just wondering if anyone uses Thyroid S and how it compares to NDT? I'm out of NDT and really struggling to source it at a reasonable cost as they don't send to make the higher strengths anymore. I used a supplier in America. Is anyone else having the same issue? Endo refused to put me on T3 and there's no way I'll ever take Levothyroxine again!

Any suggestions where to get NDT/ what to try appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

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Thyroid S is a brand of NDT-tap thyroid S into the "Search Thyroid UK"search box.Plenty to read while you wait for replies.I use Naturethroid NDT because it has less fillers.

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People will respond via private message to recommend their suppliers.Thyroid S,Thiroid and TR Mann are made in Thailand.They are very popular because they are economical & less likely to attract import duty from my experience.

I have to pay VAT when I import Naturethroid from USA.My Thiroid was not stopped at customs

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Members will respond to you by Private Message as details cannot be posted on the forum of where to source prescriiption medication.

Members will send you a private message and I will close the post just in case info is posted on the forum.

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