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Way too long on Synthroid alone

Hi I was given RAI 20 years ago due to Graves, I also suffer from TED, but I have it in remission, and actually people don’t even know I suffer from it. So I’m very lucky in that regard.

My lastest blood test are as followed

TSH <0.01 .32-.400

FT4 18 9-19

FT3 4.8 3.1-6.2

Reverse T3. 22. 8-25

Antibodies 19 <35

I was taking 150 of synthroid but have sinced dropped myself down to 125 because of Palipatations. I’m hoping my Dr will put me on T3 along with my synthroid, but he’s super hesitant on doing that. What can anyone suggest to help with my argument.

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Make sure to get your Vitamin-D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested and supplement if low FIRST

Here’s recent article by Professor Antony Toft, previous president of British Thyroid Association

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