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Due to the shortage of Naturethroid recently, my doctor could not obtain my usual medication. She gave me a glandular preparation which she assured me contains active porcine thyroid hormone. I wasn’t keen to try it. I obtained some Naturethroid online from an American site. It arrived and the pot etc looked identical to the usual. Tasted less porcine in flavour but I assumed the batch was perhaps fresher. 4 days in and my energy is flagging. Having mid morning fatigue again and fatigue in general is much worse.

I can’t name where I purchased it from on here (I don’t think) but does anyone have a really reliable source for purchasing proper Naturethroid? I’ve emailed my doctor because I hear supply is beginning to filter through again and hoping she can get some.

Not sure if it’s me imagining that it’s not working (reverse placebo) or whether I’ve crashed badly after Christmas exertion or whether I have purchased a bogus batch. Has this happened to anyone else?

Thank you.

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I am in the US and belong to several thyroid groups. Folks here are reporting that they are finally being able to get Naturethroid by prescription again. Reports are spotty at best. Some are thrilled with the 'new' Naturethroid and others are reporting a return of hypo symptoms. Users are saying that the 'new' Naturethroid is dissolving easier and tasting sweeter. RLC Labs denies any change in their formulation (where have we heard that before) but it is known from RLC that they have changed their source of thyroid extract.

I know the USA source of thyroid meds you are referring to and the company has an excellent reputation so I am very doubtful that your batch isn't genuine. I am concerned that there may be a different filler in the 'new' Naturethroid which is contributing to the thyroid med not being absorbed properly by some. This same situation happened when Erfa (Canadian thyroid extract) changed manufacturing facilities... folks complaining that they were reverting to their previous hypo state. Some reported being able to use the 'new' Erfa by grinding it to a fine powder and taking it that way and just swallowing with water. Maybe try that? see how it goes??

Here is a link to the STTM page showing the change in fillers of the new Naturethroid. stopthethyroidmadness.com/2...

The posts are older except if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Ah, yes I see. That could very well explain why I am struggling. So the problem of reformulation is perhaps rearing its head again. I must admit, that I immediately detected a difference in taste, as I have always sort of chewed my Naturethroid and tried to dissolve them under my tongue.

I wonder if there are any decent alternatives that anyone could suggest? I was in the process of increasing my Naturethroid dude too, as recent labs were low in range across the board and my TSH was 3.29! So I feel terribly hypo at the moment, as you can imagine.

Many thanks for this info. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one to have found this (well actually I’m not glad that there are more people suffering as I am). What I mean is, I am almost certain it’s not placebo. I have cried today because o just can’t stand the return of my fatigue.

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NP by Acella is an excellent NDT brand equal in quality and strength to WP and Naturethroid by RLC Labs and Armour. The few complaints I have heard about NP is that is absorbs very easily so some start off (when replacing an other NDT with NP) taking a quarter grain or so less than their previous dosage. But... others have switched from other NDT brands to NP with no problems at all.

Do remember that many hypo sufferers in the UK have wonderful results using the Thai brands of NDT... thyroid S and thiroyd.


Thank you. I will research alternatives and make sure that I build an adequate supply incase if shortages again at any time. An alternative is better than being left with nothing!

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