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NDT success

Hi. Nearly a year after starting thyroid meds & having a TSH of 228 (yes it was that high), I've just had my latest results. TSH is 0.8. This is after initially starting on levothyroxine & feeling awful on it. I switched to Thiroyd NDT late June. Built up to 3 tablets. I'm a 6 foot 45 yearly male. I'm now down to 12 stone, & fitter and healthier than I've ever been. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice on this forum.

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Nice to hear a success story :)

Long may it continue!

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That's really good to hear. Very best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year too!

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I am happy for you and it is awful you were not diagnosed much earlier and having a TSH of 228 - I don't know how you managed when finally diagnosed.

I too felt awful on levo.

It will be very, very encouraging for those struggling at present. We used to get NDT prescribed without any bother as that was all that was available.

Big Pharma saw an opening for making more money and False Statements began to appear about NDT, even the BTA also did so. I think some Endocrinologists might have been rewarded in some way for not prescribing NDT - maybe in the USA more than UK.

This is what one of our Advisers wrote to the BTA and despite three yearly reminders they never did respond before Dr Lowe died. I doubt many doctors will prescribe NDT as they also will not prescribe T3 (although that's different as it was due mainly the cost which gave them the perfect excuse).

Dr Lowe was also a scientist/researcher etc so, especially living in the USA, he would have made sure his article was absolutely foolproof.

Our Researcher and his Team have had a paper accepted recently that states many will improve with a T4/T3 combination.

Your post will also encourage other males in particular who are struggling at present whilst most doctors state they're normal - whilst taking no notice of the clinical symptoms which all doctors used to know in order to prescribe NDT.

You will certainly have a Happy New Year.


Hi. I felt absolutely dreadful when I was first diagnosed. My GP apologised to me some time later. The reason they hadn't though it was hypothyroidism was because I'm a man, and it's not common for us to have this. My GP did say that levothyroxine doesn't work that well for 25% of people on it, but she cannot prescribe anything else. It's scandalous!


It is far more than scandalous because research has proven that a T3/T4 is more beneficial to many than T4 alone.

One of our Researchers and his Team have had a paper accepted:

A doctor Skinner (deceased) a Virologist tried to get the Endocrinology to co-operate with him and arranging a Conference to discuss the parlous situation of people remaining undiagnosed/undertreated and one by one they ALL refused - the last the night before.

Dr S was getting all the waifs and strays from the medical profession due to the reliance on a blood test rather than the priority being clinical symptoms and for that humane effort he was hauled before the GMC quite a number of times as he was 'treating patients' and not ignoring them or sending them off with a flea in their ear.

I doubt there is any doctor in the World who has had 10,000 testimonials presented to the GMC which extolled Dr S for 'saving their lives' as was stated by many.

Due to his untimely demise, his staff have worked for the past three years collating all of the Research and this was a past post.


Happy new year to you too.

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