We've Won!

A little time ago I said that one of our papers was in a competition in a scientific journal for the best paper in there over a 4 year period since the journal started. With your help and support, we have won this competition, and out of 12 papers, ours received over one third of the votes. I take this opportunity to thank all those who supported us in voting. The outcome is that the paper will feature in the September Newsletter of the journal, and also I believe will give it much more publicity. To remind you the paper was about the variability in the human response to thyroxine therapy stemming from the variation originally found in the population in health. This leads inevitably to a minority of patients needing more than just T4 to achieve some sort of optimum treatment i.e. T3.

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Fantastic. Well done this community and you of course! Slowly but surely and hopefully.

Congradulations Diogenes -well earnt!! And any publicity which draws doctors attention to this problem is just wonderfull. Really appreciate all your hard work.

Hope so too. Unfortunately there's jealousy swimming around. He pointedly has never quoted any of our work in his publications, though we quote his in ours. The green-eyed god lives well in academic medicine I'm afraid.

Oh it certainly does ;-) Well done indeed!

Wonderful news, and a well-deserved win!

Fantastic so well done!

Oh, very well done! And well deserved, too!

Congratulations! So glad we have got you on our side.

Brilliant and all of you good scientists deserve praise. Plodding on trying to get the 'proof' published and being awarded the Best Paper in four years. Champions - no doubt about that :)

Couldn't be happier if I had won it myself!

Well done!!!! I don't know where we'd be without your work - my endocrinologist always seems very eager to get hold of your papers. Keep up the good work!!

Congratulations, Diogenes - we all have much to be thankful for.

Congratulation and thanks so much for the work you do :)

Many congratulations. A fantastic result.

Congratulations and thank you so much for all your essential hard work and perseverance.

( My A&E Doctor last week "What's T3?" )


Congratulations! I am grateful to you and your colleagues for illustrating that T4 is not sufficient for all patients.

I know this is odd replying to myself, but I'd just like to share a thought which was drummed into me by my first supervisor when I started out being a serious scientist a long long time ago (physical biochemist then!). He said "In any problem, there are millions of ways to be wholly wrong and only one way to be wholly right. If you can bear the odds against you then you can truly call yourself a scientist". And I hope I've held to that all my working life.

Hi Diogenes -what wise words......its a real shame that most doctors dont hold the same view -if they would stop regarding hypothyroidism as simple to treat with a one solution med delivered against pretty rigid criteria we might just get somewhere! ! Thank goodness for your hard work chipping away at this myth! Thank you 😊😊

Congratulations - that's wonderful!

Congratulations! You deserve it for all your hard work. Hopefully it will be widely read by the medical profession.

Love the excitement in your tone :-). So very well deserved too. A big thank you from me for finding the 'wholly right'.

Brilliant! Thank you so much.

Ave Diogenes !

< Passes over laurel wreath >

I doubt that the green eyed god will sleep; there is a certain professor who is doubtless preparing his foaming refutation as I write.

We must just keep on b*ggering on and hope for our children

Don't take any notice of the egotistical green eyed monster. He and his like minded colleagues who insist that we don't need T3 are an excuse of a scientist in my book. I wish they, endocrinologists and doctors alike who are of the same opinion could have a day in my life before T3. I guarantee they would change view overnight. I just wish they would put up or shut up and remember that people's lives are affected by their unfounded views. Theory and reality do not always run along hand in hand. Would have thought any scientist worth his or her salt would know that. Keep up the great work.

I'm not indicating in my criticism of Bianco's actions that he doesn't agree with us. His group work with rats and mice to discover thyroid control mechanisms and the influence of T3 is clear. It would then be natural for others to follow on quoting from his work in later human studies. But unfortunately the time sequence is wrong; we've found out additional concepts in human studies before he has found them in rats, so his group's thunder is stolen rather. It's this that I think has led to the ignoring of others' work if it is tending to predate him. There is also the regrettable "exceptionalism" in American thinking when it comes to science, not just medicine but especially so there. This leads to something of a gulf between the USA and e.g. Europe when it comes to cross-referencing and priority quoting. The USA feeds on itself in this respect much more than Europe.

Can't wait to read it!

What brilliant news☺

I think another common flaw is that T3 is "over-valued". People have too big a chunk of their T4 taken away and replaced by too small a dose of T3.

I did find one article (an old one from the 70s) where the opposite fault occurred. The replacement was done on a 1 to 1 basis. 20mcg of T4 was replaced by 20mcg of T3. Most of the subjects ended up being overdosed and felt terrible. Another unjustified strike against T3...

Eljii. - I like your reply above and would add again my own words that we are ALL Individuals - each with different health histories and complications which I therefore deduce means ......

individual combinations of Thyroxine Plus whatever works best in order for our bodies to make best use of it.

Already I am of the opinion that the HPT axis is the most complicated and misunderstood part of our systems! I know that to my own cost now - with my health history.

2 weeks ago my Haematologist said he thought my Thyroid was the root cause of years of slowly emerging bone deformities. So slowly I almost thought nothing of any of it over the years, despite 3 corrective surgeries to one foot! It's also happening in my fingers. I could give you & Diogenes enough info to write an Encyclopedia! !

Well done on your achievement, so deserving. Thank you for your continuing efforts to open the eyes of the Establishment.

Thanks for all your hard work and congrats on your success. Let's hope there will be more successes leading to better treatment of thyroid patients.

Brilliant news, Congratulations. Now all we have to do us get the buggers to listen and learn. Xx

Congratulations on this wonderful news. So well deserved!

Congratulations, Diogenes. Hopefully your research will lead to patients receiving more individualized treatment, rather than having to suffer a 'one size fits all' dictate.

Well done, Diogenes. Hopefully, things will turn around for t3. Perhaps a national daily will take the news and take it to a wider audience. I'm ever hopeful!

Congratulations Diogenes all your hard work is paying off x

Could you send me the details and a link to the journal and the newsletter. I might be able to give it even more publicity. DM me if you prefer

Our best and complete review of this can be dowloaded from this site:

In Google, type "Frontiers in Thyroid Endocrinology". A page will come up. Select the first item and click on it. A new page will appear. Select the item saying "most viewed". A review by us will then come up which you can download.

The actual article is in "Endocrine Connections" which is a free -to-view journal. The newsletter isn't out yet I believe. Click on Endocrine Connections in Google and go on from there.

Thanks Diogenes

Great news!! Congratulations and may you have many more successes. 😊

Diogenes you can't imagine how pleased I am to read your post! Well done to you all!

Well done!!

Fantastic. Well done everyone.

YAY !! RESULT ,well done ,soooo nice to get something positive

Great news diogenes - keep on truckin'... up that crazy river - thank you :-)

Thank Q diogenes. X

Well done! What is the title or PMID of the article? I'd love to read it. I'm also a scientist :-)

See my replies to AliF above. Follow the instructions there and you'll soon find the articles. The first author in both is Hoermann R.

Only just seen this news. Congratulations! :D

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