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Anyone have success in stopping hair loss?

Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism (TSH 6.8) 2 years ago I have been treated with Levothyroxine starting at 25mcg which has now been increased to 100 and 125mcg on alternate days. My hair has gone from being thick strong and curly to very fine and thin. I lose on average 300 hairs a day. I've spent hundreds on private trichologist and dermatologist but have not seen any improvement. Is it the levothyroxine - should I try armour thyroid? Is this just a syptom of thee autoimmune disorder? Or am I not on the right dose of Levothyroxine? Now my TSH is around 1.3 and I don't really have any other symptoms than the hairloss and itchy sore scalp. Any suggestions would be much appreciated?

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I am hyper not hypo but I suffer the same problems with hair loss and itchy scalp. I have tried different shampoos etc and read loads of stuff but nothing seems to help. I have very fine hair too and sometimes the loss slows for a while but then starts up again. Sorry but I ant help further.


Excellent hair dr in dermatology at the royal London

Hospital no need to spend fortune privately

You will get excellent care from her.


Hi. I to have very fine hair. I recently visited a hairdresser who picked up on this and recommended a product called Nioxin. I use system 4 which is for clouted hair and noticeably thinning hair. I was apprehensive, however it comes with a guarantee if you don't see improvement within a month you can get your money back!!

You only use this product , actually it's 3 products, shampoo, conditioner and a mousse (the mousse Is literally 3 squirts on your scalp).

People have remarked about my hair since I've been using it. I certainly don't get anywhere as many hairs left in the shower or on my bed when blow drying .... So for me it's helping.

Give it a try, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Good luck


I have only recently been diagnosed hypo but I have had hairloss concerns for many years. Google wattz international and then look under hairloss tab I have worn a piece similar to Jackie's for over six years now and no longer worry about my hair. I got to the point where it was consuming my every waking hour. Another good site for information is which may help you to self diagnose the type of hairloss you have. If you have andogenetic alopecia there is no treatment so save your money. This is one of the side effects which you can do something about - if everything else has failed you don't have to just sit indoors wringing your hands - there is a way to get on with your life ! Good luck with your journey

Raps x.


My hair improved a lot on T4, but for the last six months or so my endo has been focused on getting my TSH right down (under 1). Now even my eyebrows look better. Your dose may not yet be optimal.

Both my mother and my husband have had excellent results with minoxidil too.

Good luck!


Anemia/lack of Iron is a hair loss indicator. Have you had your ferritin levels checked? I am anemic and my hair loss is drastic - enough to warrant a different hair style. It can take up to six months after Iron levels are stable or optimum for hair to grow back and stay put - so my GP tells me.


Thanks for everyone's suggestions. My Dermatologist said that for hair growth to be optimised Ferritin levels should be @ 70 and mine where 57 - so am taking Ferrograd C. She said that we need to go through stages to try to deal with the possible causes. She has also prescribed Minoxidl and the mini-pill. I have also read that the flu jab could trigger an autoimmune flare-up - so am wondering whether this has made the Hashimoto's worse as my TSH increased - hence increasing Levothyroxine. Waiting to see an Endo on 24th so may get a sensitive response to this horrible symptom.


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