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I’m new


I was diagnosed 8 weeks ago with hypothyroidism and was prescribed 50mcg of Levo a day. Still feeling pretty awful..exhausted, aching muscles and joints, dizzy and headaches. I had breast cancer last year so surgery, chemo and radiotherapy so my body has been through the mill! I’ve just had 8 wk blood tests today to see if my levo should be increased so waiting for the results. My initial results were TSH 6.77 and free T4 10.1. I have had more in-depth tests this time including vit d etc. Still feeling unwell so hoping for a clearer picture with test results.

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Welcome to the forum, Beaniedog.

When you get your results write them in a new post and include the lab reference ranges (the figures in brackets after the results).

It can take several months for blood levels and dose to optimise and even then symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by several months.


Thankyou. I should get my new results by Friday.


I've had breast cancer as well and am taking Letrozole. I am assuming you are taking something similar. I took a dip in my thyroid health but read that Tamoxifen alters thyroid meds absorption. As Tamoxifen does the same thing as my Letrozole I upped my meds a little and much better now. I have always taken thyroid meds in the morning and the cancer one at night thinking that sensible but turned out it wasn't quite enough.


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