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Thyroxine morning or night?


I recently realised that oestrogen (amongst a myriad of other things) can cause interaction with thyroxine. I take the c pill in morning, so thought il start taking thyroxine at night as apparently research says it can work better too?

I normally am starving about an hour after thyroxine- but last night wasn’t too bad- although I did have a bit of a sleepless night.

Does anyone have any recommendations or personal experience/thoughts of what works better ?

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I do the same as you - the pill in the morning (or at least before 12pm) and Levo in the evening before bed. Leaving it 2 hours after I've eaten. Just my experience.

Does it work and do I feel better? Not sure really. I felt I was getting better for a while, but now I feel like it's going backwards - although that's after taking Levo in the evening for over a month.

My clinic said I could take the pill and Levo at the same time. I thought I'd keep with my routine, just in case. Best wishes


Hi music1

Nice to see you doing better on your thyroid journey (I jest- all our journies are fraught with tension I know- being diagnosed is just the start of it!)

Thanks for feedback. I think il try it for longer and see

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My endo recommended trying about 6 years ago. Noticeable improvement. Certainly more convenient too



Thanks for your reply.

I’m also finding it more convenient and more likely I’ll have a proper breakfast in the morning if I don’t have to wait an hour after meds

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An interesting read. Thank you for sharing x


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