Morning or night to take Levo?

I have been taking Levo thyroxine now for a few years and always had taken when I woke up before eating.

I had read some information where people had found that taking it at night worked better for them, so decided to try this. The last couple of days I have had a massive energy dip at around 17.00 / 18.00 and just needed to sleep.

So just wondered has anyone else experienced this? When taking at night it was around midnight I took the tablet (100 mg).

Thanks in advance for any tips / advice.

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  • Bristol, you should take it at the time which best suits you. If you didn't have the evening fatigue when taking Levothyroxine in the morning, I should switch back to morning dosing.

  • Thanks Clutter - it was a definite shift in how I felt so will give it a go again in the morning before eating to see if there is an improvement. Thanks for advice.

  • I take mine in the morning as would probably forget at night.

    Everyone is different Bristol. Experiment and find your best.


  • Thanks Flower - guess it did not work for me so am going back to mornings. Will be seeing Endo again in the next weeks so will see what my results are and see if there is a reason maybe there for me having big dips in energy.

  • I've found that it makes no difference when I take my Levi. I'm just fed up that I feel no different 2 years on from being diagnosed with hashimotos

  • Suepip, yes I know how you feel - I think I should be feeling more ´normal´by now and still don´t.

    Not really sure what feeling ´normal´is anymore.....

  • Hi, I'm new to thyroxine and actually started taking at night, never taking in the morning but I just drag myself around all day every day!!!

  • Sorry to hear that Natj123, I was like that nearly all of last year and then upped my dosage as it had been too low :(

    This site has really helped me so much and am sure will help you - if you are new to thyroxine it may take a while to have an effect, I know when I first started taking - it took some time to kick in.

  • Yes I feel very needy posting all the time but I have so many questions and no one to help until now, yes I've been taking around 3 weeks that's all!!

    I think by now someone should have invented a magic wand for us right? :-)

    Nat xx

  • Hope it starts getting better Nat and yes a magic wand would be great :)

  • I take levothyroxine in late afternoon, at 5:00 - 6:00pm every day. Works great for me. No weight gain nor interference with sleep nor energy dips. Everyone is different and therefore reacts differently to meds.

  • Thanks milkwoman - had not even thought about taking at any other time, that could be worth considering for me.

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