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bloods results..confused

Hi all, I just got my blood test results from Medichecks and I'm a bit confused, can you please advise what you think. I am seeing Endocrinologist on 15th for the first time so I am not sure what to expect. I feel well and no symptoms, and I've slowly started to lose weight finally! however these do not look too well I don't think. I am currently on 2 grains of NDT:

tsh <0.005 (0.27-4.20) - dropped

free T4 20 (12-22) - very much improved, was below range before

free T3 10.2 (3.10-6.80) - gone high, was in range before

thyroglobulin ab 241.000 (0-115) - gone even higher, was 200.000 before

thyroid peroxidase ab 14.4 (0-34)

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How long did you leave off taking the NDT before the test ?

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I took it about 24 hrs prior, so morning of the day before. I had the bloods fasting

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As you are really feeling well then you may have a battle on your hands with the Endo - who will no doubt want to reduce your dose !

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What about B12, folate, vitamin D and ferritin

Presumably you got these tested too?

It's critical to have good levels of all these especially when taking T3 (in your NDT)

They need to not just be in range, but at good levels

You previous posts explained you always have low ferritin.

Have you asked for testing for coeliac or changed to strictly gluten free diet to see if it helps.

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just got my ferritin back. 29 (15-300) despite taking ferrous fumarate daily. What do you suggest?


Hi slow dragon, 6 weeks ago folate was within range about half way and ferritin was 19, I am still waiting for that result to see if it's improved after taking supplement. I have not tested B12 or vitamin D, however I've been supplementing vit D as I thought it would help anyways.

What would be the symptoms of coeliac disease? I don't have any issues with my stomach. I have cut down on gluten but probably not enough!


You should test vitamin B12 and vitamin D especially if you haven't done so in the last year.

As you are low on ferritin and have autoimmune thyroid disease you could be very deficient in one or both of these.

Oh and you need to go completely gluten free to improve gut health. You are trying to change the bacteria in your gut to help you absorb vitamins and minerals plus decrease inflammation.

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I never had any gut symptoms at all.

Gastroenterologist told me probably 50-60% of coeliac patients never have any gut symptoms

Same apparently with gluten intolerance. NHS has no definitive test for gluten intolerance.

I have Hashimoto's. Confirmed as severe gluten intolerance with endoscopy. More info on my profile.

I am now absolutely strictly gluten free.

It needs to be absolute, eg no cross contamination, no shared toaster, butter, chopping boards etc

Leaky gut is virtually guaranteed with Hashimoto's, this very often causes gluten intolerance

Low stomach acid is also very common

See SeasideSusie advice on ferritin. 3 tablets a day plus liver once a week, I think. (I am unusual as I always have over range ferritin without supplementing. can be due to Hashimoto's. I only just got diagnosed as having DIO2 gene )

You do need to test vitamin D twice yearly. It's important not to take too much (it's toxic in excess) but also with thyroid issues it's common to not take enough. It's trial and error how much you need to take to improve levels to around 100nmol,

also how much you then need as maintenance dose. Some might find 1000iu daily enough, others might need 6000iu

Probiotics, fermented foods and bone broth all good for healing the gut


The blood tests were introduced along with levothyroxine alone. Therefore if we take any other thyroid hormones, ie NDT or T3 or T3/T4 the blood tests cannot correlate at all. NDT has T4/T3/T2/T1and calcitonin.

This is how doctors should treat patients if not on levothyroxine and it depends all about how the patient's recovery is progressing.



Redefining Hypothyroidism:

A New Paradigm


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Your FT3 is very high did you leave 12 hours before test and was it early morning fasting.

What was you RT3 reading?


I see in one of your replies that you did leave 24 hours which makes it even higher over the range.


I am wondering and thinking aloud that maybe if you have recently been taking some supplements that they have started working which might be why your FT3 is so high? Do you feel over-medicated?


thank you all for your replies. I feel very well and not over medicated at all,shall I lower the dose anyway? Apparently very low TSH can cause osteoporosis in the long run so I'm wondering whether to lower the dosage and this together with the supplements will still make me feel well. Unfortunately I don't have the RT3


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