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Hypothyroidism after flu jab

I was recommended to have my first ever flu jab this autumn as I had open heart surgery to repair a heart valve in May this year. I recovered really well from the heart op ( I am a healthy 53 yr old) and was really getting my energy back until I had the flu jab in Oct. Within a month I had put on 4 kgs of weight, suddenly felt very flat and cycling became much harder work. I also had a fuzzy head and was not thinking so clearly. So got blood test done and now have a tsh of 35. I have been borderline hypothyroid a few years back but my tsh was never more than 8. I have only made this connection with the flu jab in retrospect, as I looked back through my diary and have worked out that my energy levels and health declined straight after the date I got the jab. I am now on a daily dose of 50mg Levothyroxine. Does anyone know if the flu jab can bring on a hypothyroidsim like this? Is there any alternative treatment i can seek instead of relying on levothyroxine to bring my tsh down? Any advice or info would be welcome..thanks

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Its yoo soon to think about alternate thyroid meds ..but it sounds like you have not been retested after 6 weeks and dose raused and then every 4 weeks after





Vitamin D3

All been tested as they are vital and must be at least halfway in their ranges otherwise levothyroxine cannot be utilised

Its vital that all tests are arranged very early morning

Fasting drinking only water

Never never take your levothyroxine in the 24 hours before a blood draw

From herein you need to always take at least 2000mg vitamin C in divided dises every day


I would never have the flu jab. For one thing science can never catch up with the mutations of the flu so that it's is trying to prevent the wrong virus.

Secondly, nearly all vaccines have added Ethyl mercury added to them. Mercury is bad for us.

Thirdly, if they vaccines do not contain mercury they contain Aluminium which is also bad for u.

After I had my thyroid removed in 2015 I asked the doctor whether or not I should have the flu jab and was told NO..


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