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Dr Chandry?

So in desperation having tried all suggestions and looking around this and the PA forum I emailed Dr Chandry to see if he though my problems could be B12 related.

At 8.30 last night he called me as reading my history he really thought he could help me. After a good 30 minuets going through my history and although I have had a “normal”(yeh yeh I know!) short synacthen test he seems to think I could have secondary adrenal failure as my 9am cortisol was 268 and I actually only got to just over 550 after the 60 minuets.

He’s sending me a list of tests he’d like done. I’m pretty sure I’ve already got results for over the last few months so hopefully won’t need repeats but what’s 1 more blood test!

I’ve read a lot of very good things about him and wondered if anyone else had been helped by him? I really don’t want to get my hopes up that he’ll find an answer but I’m now getting desperate.

If you have was your own gp ok about it? Mine is now at a loss at what to do with me but I have a very good gp and don’t want to risk the good relationship we have x

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my daughter had very similar results to you when she had a short synacthen test, and was told all was O.K

I don't think the test was done correctly. It was not done until 10.15am and she was not told to fast and was even told it was alright to have a cup of tea during the test.

It is great Dr. Chandry is helping you. If you could offer us any advice it would be really appreciated.

Thank you.


Thank you. I also didn’t fast and was well supplied with tea! I never realised it was fasting. I’d also had to do a 24 mile drive into Liverpool in rush hour so I’m amazed it wasn’t sky high.

What happened to your daughter? Did they repeat the test?

I am so grateful for the time he took to speak to me last night x


No they did not offer to repeat the test.

It was a while after she had the test that I found out it should have been done before 9.00am and she should have fasted for 12 hours.

She has now been officially diagnosed with hypothyroidism after suffering symptoms for eight years. She was originally given a diagnoses of CFS, but we thought all along it was hypo. as I also have it. She was hoping now she has the hypo. diagnoses and been treated she would feel better but there is not much improvement yet.

It was a private endo. who the SST. but quite honestly he was hopeless.

I was aware Dr. Chandry dealt with B12 deficiency but did not realise he also dealt with Adrenal failure.


Neither did I, I emailed him asking advice re B12 as I have reasonable levels but they are dropping despite high dose supplements. He then rang me and after speaking to him he said he didn’t think it was B12 but adrenal. Now to see if my gp will repeat the test 😱 x


I do hope your G.P. will repeat the test for you.

Do you mind me asking did Dr. Chandry advise any other test apart from the SST.

Also did he advise you to have (I think this is the name) ATCH test before the SST.


He sounds like he is interested and cares which is a great start. I read about him a few years back & it was positive. My daughter has faced one NHS muck up after another - not told to fast for cortisol tests - not told to stop taking her oestrogen contraceptive and they did the synachten at 11am. She is looking at going to see Dr Paul Jenkins at the Lodon endocrine Clinic but as we are in the far North East of Scotland it’s a bit of a travel nightmare especially as she is so unwell, I would really appreciate it if you could PM me Dr Chandry’s contact details.


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