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Thyroid blood tests

Hi to all. I have several hypo symptoms which I have had a few years. (I had seen & was being treated by Dr.skinner unfortunately not for very long. ) I have seen some gp's & private endo's the only answer I get is bloods are normal.

My results do vary .

TSH. 4.72.mu/l 4.92. Mu/l 5.3. Mu/l. ( 0.0. 5.0. )

Ft4. 13. Pmol/l. 14.pmol/l. (. 8 19)pmol/l

Ft4 14.2pmol/. (9 28 )pmol/l

Ft3 4.6pmol/l. (0. 7.7)pmol/l

Ft3 5.1pmol/l (2.1 6.0)pmol/l

I have recently managed to acquire NDT , taking 1/2 grain.

I am considering some private blood tests, on reading about rt3 would that be worth including.

If anybody can give me some guidance / advice, it would be very much appreciated. Many thanks.

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When was your last thyroid test? TSH was over range at 5.3 and most NHS doctors will diagnose hypothyroidism when TSH is over range. If you want a NHS diagnosis you should stop self-medicating and request another thyroid function test.

If you can't wait for a NHS diagnosis increase NDT dose in 1/2 grain increments at 2 week intervals until you are taking 2 grains. Hold at 2 grains for 6 weeks and have a thyroid test including FT3 before increasing further.

It's unlikely you will have high rT3 if you have only just started taking 1/2 grain NDT and if you did have rT3 the remedy to reduce it is to reduce dose which isn't feasible if you are only taking 1/2 grain.

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Clutter. I am not tech. person. Just checking if this is private message to you.



No, you've posted on the forum. If you are replying to my post I prefer you to respond on the forum rather than via private messages.

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Tsh 5.3 Ft4 14. Ft3 5 2. Year 2014.

I did point out that it was over the range but he still would not treat I had to have 3 over the range & unfortunately 3 months later my Tsh was 4 92. For the last 5yrs I have been trying to sort this problem changed Dr's & paid to see endo's but because they also work NHS they follow the guidelines. (Dr. Skinner was the only one who listened & was trying to help as mentioned before I didn't see him for long.) It almost a year since I have been to dr's

Iron level 18umol/l. ( 10-25)umoi,/l

Ferritin 83ng/ml. (10 -300 00 ) mg/ml

Folate 4.3ng/ml. (3.00-1200) mg/ml

Bit b12 . >2000. Pg/ml (200 00 -900 00)

I had supplements due to pins & needle type feelings in my legs just 1 of several issues I have. I will try with what you have said about the NDT dosage & go Dr's new year. The main reason I mentioned T3 it's I am freezing cold most of the time my central heating on nearly all year, layers of clothing to go out , go out for meal other people in tee- shirts I wear a coat . I also have anxiety & loss of confidence.


I have been on prescription fultrium vd 800 iu for 2-3yrs

Year 2016 blood level 92.2nmol/l



VitD 92.2 is good and 800iu will maintain level.



If your GP won't help you follow the dosing guide in my post above. I'm not surprised you are cold. When you are optimally dosed you may feel warmer but be aware that it can take a couple of years for that to happen for some of us.

Iron and ferritin are good.

Folate is low in range. If you supplement a B Complex vitamin that will raise folate.

Are you supplementing B12?


I am not using b12 since the blood test. They were 5000mcg solar methlcobalamin. I have taken list of things I suffer from which includes hoarse voice slurred speech cold skin plus my SON so he could confirm that what I was telling him was true. 1 NHS consultant annoyed me so much I thanked him & walked out .


Brand b12 is solgar



B12 is high because you were supplementing. If you feel you need to supplement B12 in the future reduce dose to 1,000mcg.


When you have your thyroid blood test done make sure to get your Vit B12, D, Folate, Ferrtin and iron checked at the same time because many people with thyroid issues become low in these over the years and unless you have healthy levels of these you won't be able to make best use of the NDT.


What you have just mentioned about blood tests, that what I was going to do in the new year,as Vd was last taken 18mths ago.


I don't think RT3 is worth testing and this is an excerpt from a doctor who was also an Adviser to TUK and a link below:

Dr. Lowe: Some readers will not be familiar with reverse-T3, and I know from experience that many others harbor misconceptions about the molecule. Because of this, I have summarized in the box below what we know about reverse-T3. I've answered your question below the summary.

March 24, 1999



Hi Clutter, eeng, shaws. I have logged in with my correct account (I am Mini03 on my tablet, but Harlech on the PC, ill get my son to sort it out). Thank you for responding, and advise given. Due to being unwell at the moment, ill be in touch as soon as im over the flu. Thanks again.


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