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Hypothyroidism with positive antibodies

Hi, i have been detected with hypothyroidism tsh was 8, was put on eltroxin 50mcg tsh came down to 2.2. Anti tpo came down from 584 to 500. Suffered a very early chemical pregnancy which ended in period this month. Beta hcg was 17.8 rose to 20.3 in 48 hours. Will this high anti tpo cause miscarriages. Need i take prednisolone 10mg as prescribed.

Or only levothyroxine should help. Please advise

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I'm sorry for your miscarriage. It was probably due to your high TSH but may have been due to high antibodies causing inflammation. Prednisolone isn't prescribed to every woman with high antibodies but members who have had multiple miscarriages are sometimes prescribed steroids to dampen immune response and inflammation.

It is recommended the TSH of women planning conception or newly pregnant should be in the low-normal range 0.4 - 2.5. When pregnancy is confirmed dose is usually increased by 25-50mcg.

NICE recommend that GPs refer hypothyroid women planning conception to endcorinology for management. cks.nice.org.uk/hypothyroid...

Management of primary hypothyroidism: statement by the British Thyroid Association Executive Committee

13. The serum TSH reference range in pregnancy is 0·4–2·5 mU/l in the first trimester and 0·4–3·0 mU/l in the second and third trimesters or should be based on the trimester-specific reference range for the population if available. These reference ranges should be achieved where possible with appropriate doses of L-T4 preconception and most importantly in the first trimester (1/++0). L-T4/L-T3 combination therapy is not recommended in pregnancy (1/+00).



Thanks. Before conceiving tsh was 2.2.Due to chemical pregnancy tsh rose to 3.5 i guess. Now i am on 50 mcg mon-sat, 100 mcg on sunday. I guess i shall try to conceive without prednisolone, maintaining my tsh in limit.


Hi best thing you can do for yourself is to go on anti inflammatory lifestyle for good. This means eating anti inflammatory foods which will nourish the thyroid and balance hormones throughout your whole system. Eating foods that cause inflammation trigger an immune response and cause high antibodies. You don't just have a thyroid problem if you need steroids too. Steroids are bad for you and long term use will wreak your health. Eat natural, drink only bottled water and sleep well. Stay strong and your soon have a baby. I succeeded.


Thanks a lot maryanne. Yes i have decided not to take steroids. I shall follow your advice and hope for the best in the coming year..



Got my Amh tested, its 1.04 ng/ml. I have Hashimoto’s which is usually associated with pcos, hence amh should be high. But its poor, which means no pcos. But also low egg reserve. Is it possible to conceive with low amh


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