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T3 Suppliers & Lack of Supply & Service

Hi All,

I have not been on for a while because a) felt well and so was busy working then b) felt ill and could not concentrate, so have missed all the posts about poor supply and service from certain suppliers. I have just managed to get a private supply of one month from a friend of a friend in Greece (still available otc) so I have a functioning brain for one month to sort out another supply. I also thought my experience might keep some others updated.

Having had 2 previously perfect and 1 lost but replaced delivery from the (I think) most used supplier in Greece, I was confident in ordering 1200 tablets to stock up in August. Finally they sent 300 at the end of October (after much chasing) but Royal Mail got these 50 miles from my house and sent them back! This has upset the company greatly and they have put the rest of my order to the back of the queue!

Told me all initial delays were caused by the plant being closed in August - seems problems have been going on much longer than that. What I will say is that they have been really good at replying to emails, and I feel confident they are trying to supply, even if they sound very cross about something I cannot change (I live on a main road with a good postal delivery).

I have ordered 90 tablets from another supplier, paid by PayPal, given a Bulgarian tracking number but it does not track (2 weeks now). No reply to my emails in the past 4 days. On the verge of reporting to PayPal.

Both of these suppliers are for Uni Pharma.

Please can someone PM me a reliable, non-prescription source (not necessarily Uni Pharma but a safe product) :) With Christmas post upon us soon, I am worrying about supply even more.

Thanks, Claire

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Did RM say why they returned your parcel to sender? It's hardly your fault it was returned but the supplier is punishing you for RM's action after you've waited months for delivery which is their fault.

They are liars and fraudsters and still owe many members orders going back to April. Refunds have been refused and they stop responding to emails.

They are now shipping a product called Ikaros Laboratoire as they can no longer get Uni-Pharma but they don't tell customers this and are still offering Uni-Pharma on their website.

The Bulgarian supplier doesn't seem to send acknowledgments of orders/payment or shipping info and isn't prompt to respond to emails but does send the goods. Two weeks isn't long, I wouldn't report to PayPal yet. It is hard to get hold of Uni-Pharma T3 which is in short supply in Greece so that may be delaying shipping.

If members can recommend alternative sources they will send you a private message.

To send Claireandbosch a private message: support.healthunlocked.com/...


T3 still prescription only for me here in Crete. Your friend of a friend was fortunate to buy OTC 😊

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I’ve heard about the Bulgarian lady. I think it’s an issue with Bulgarian post. Although my school friend that lived there for 8 ish years said it’s not a problem but she doesn’t receive cards etc with any tracking. I heard from someone else can’t remember who on this forum but similar happened and it took six weeks from order. I’ve inboxed you my supplier. She’s literally a 3 day turn over with tracking. Maybe get a pack or two from her to cover you if you’re low and wait for the other two.

I agree with Clutter with regards to the Greek website but I’d say give the Bulgarian one a chance. Good luck


Thank you to everyone for their responses 😘

Currently fuming as Greek supplier has seen fit to question very rudely why (because I mentioned I had received post from a friend in Greece this week) that I use ‘some website’ rather than ask my friend!!! Curt response sent!

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