T3 supply problem now getting urgent

Mum's NHS endocrinologist although we see him privately as Mum is still waiting to see one on the NHS after 15 months on waiting list for an appointment, gives his blessing to Mum taking 25mcg T3, when I asked if I could then get it on the NHS he said I couldn't as its too expensive. I have purchased it from abroad before for a couple of years with no problem but now the websites seem to be down. I don't know what to do, can someone PM me as only got a weeks supply left. I also ordered NDT for myself and its now been 5 weeks by air mail and I am also down to one week left, getting worried about that as well.


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  • Which brand T3 is your mother taking, Dramlouie?

  • Tiromel 25mcg dosage 100 tablets

  • Dramlouie,

    I'm having trouble PMing you. If you send me a PM I may be able to reply to it.

  • Can your endocrinologist write you a prescription?

  • Moggy35,

    Dramlouie's mother is buying online and self medicating under guidance because a private prescription is too expensive.

  • I was seeming my endo privately, but he used to write to my gp and get them to prescribe my T3.. is this not possible?

    I now don't take it at all as I've self medicated with Thyro Gold.. best thing I've ever done.

  • I get my T3 on the NHS but it took a while and a lot of pushing from my endo. My GP claimed he didn't know how to treat me on T3 and was waiting for guidance from the hospital.

    Would writing to your MP help? Or Healthwatch?

  • Its ridiculous, about time they woke up and did something about it, it seems Turkey is not as stupid as our NHS!!

  • I asked the endo if I could get it on the NHS and he said no, to carry on getting it from my normal supplier. Its ridiculous, we are so behind, I am actually thinking about going to the GP, its madness when the specialist says Mum should have it and yet we can't get it in this country. Also my NDT, I am so much better on it and yet I have to get it from Thailand, its criminal. I noticed Mum yesterday, after having a reduced dose of T4, she was sleeping in her chair, didn't read the newspaper and when we got up to leave at 3 she asked if she was going home, she was in her home, where she has lived for over 60 years. She kept asking if we were then going to come back to take her home. We told her she was at home and she sleeps at home, how do I know which bedroom to use? Oh my, she has been so well, I think this is the worst she has ever been, it just shows what happens, she was ok in the morning but her thyroid obviously got low in the afternoon. It just proves that its a thyroid connection. And no-one listens to me, oh I get so angry. Even both endocrinologists have said if the elderly sitting in old people's homes had their thyroid sorted they would be many less people in care homes. I shall write to the MP about this, I don't want to end my days like that. We need to fight this.

  • My daughter is having the same problem, you can get a prescription but the specialist told her is £100 for a months supply so advised her to get it online from <possible online supplier>, they have had her money for 2 months now and no drugs and she is also down to one weeks supply and now they won't respond to any emails!

  • I am writing to the endocrinologist about this now, her deterioration and our right to proper thyroid treatment. I am on the warpath.............

  • You could also make a complaint to Competition & Markets Authority, which is government controlled.



    I sent mine off online before Christmas. I think a few others here have also done that. The more who complain about the price of T3 in the UK the better. And the fact that only one company supplies in the UK therefore no competition and they can make their price whatever they like. x

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