U-P T3 supplier found

Hello all,

I didn't get a reply from admin as to whether it's ok to post this.

I have found a T3 supplier who has stock of about 30. 25mcg. Expiration dates 2020. I ordered Sunday received Tuesday last week and they are perfect. Please feel free to inbox me and I can give you the details. It's a bit pricey £1 a tablet but given the current climate some of you may find it useful?

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  • Really! £1 a tablet, £30 a box!!!! Surely it would be better to try Turkish Tiromel, some members use it and may be willing to share their source.

  • Hello SeasideSusie,

    I don't get on well with Tiromel hence my post. I think it's the lactose coating or I'd use that.

  • Oh, that's a shame. Have you thought about Mexican T3 (Cynomel) but I don't know if that contains lactose. Might be worth a look.

  • I stick with what I know works as it took me almost a week to get back to 'normal'. I also have Lupus so there's a few meds that conflict. I will look into Cytomel. I saved the link from the other day about ingredients.

    P.S. I'm so glad you're in this forum and so active I've learnt a lot from other users questions that you've answered. 💜

  • The Mexican T3 is Grossman Cynomel and popular with a lot of people for being a good one, seems to be stronger than the European T3 too.

    Thank you for your kind words :)

  • It is a truly exorbitant price. A rip-off I should think. Just like the UK price of T3.

  • Hello Shaws,

    I thought that until someone explained they may have divided flight costs over, time spent sourcing and travel is included I understood.

    Each to their own. But my health is priceless, just trying to help others.

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