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Help interpreting OGTT results

Hi everyone,

I recently took a 2-hour OGTT and was a bit confused by one of the results. While both my blood glucose and insulin levels were in range, there was a note next to my glucose results: "Please note that the 1 hour value did not exceed the fasting and/or the 2 hour value by at least 1 mmol/L. This suggests that glucose absorption may have been impaired or delayed".

Is it normal for blood glucose to not rise very much? The results I got are below. Would appreciate any help working out whether this is normal or something that I should follow up a bit more.

Glucose (mmol/L) at Fasting/1h/2h: 4.4/4.5/4.4

Insulin (mU/L) at Fasting/1h/2h: 4/34/22

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Hi - there may perhaps be a more appropriate forum for your question? This one is for thyroid problems - I would suggest that a diabetes focused group would have more expertise.


Thanks startagaingirl, first time using this site - didn't realise I was posting into the thyroid community!


After some cursory digging it seems like this type of 'flat' glucose tolerance curve for the OGTT can be caused by primary hypothyroidism, which I am also being medicated for. For anyone interested/experiencing something similar I googled "delayed glucose absorption hypothyroidism"


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