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Help pls

I have been having possible symptoms of hypothyroidism/hashi and not even realised they could all be connected until last night, putting most of it down to other things and ignoring it. Ie feeling cold, hair loss, low libido, irregular periods, gained weight which seems impossible to lose despite being active (15-20k steps a day) and counting cals/macros religiously with a 1200-1500 cal deficit.

Had blood tests in March and again this week. All in range but TSH has increased, and T3 and t4 tested for the first time are both in range but lower end so dr not interested but I really feel I'm onto something. Any advice please?


tsh now 2.62 March 1.69 range 0.47-4.68

Free T3 now 4.90 pmol range 4.0- 8.30

Free T4 now 11.60 pmol range 10.0-28.2

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You posted this question a couple of days ago and Greygoose replied, was it not helpful healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...


Yes very helpful, I edited to copy my text for something else, I hadn't meant to repost! 🙈

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