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GASTRIS???H-Polori ???

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Been feeling unwell for couple of months with belching , heartburn , indegestion,bloating and a gnawing on and off in top of stomach . Seen several g.p s all giving conflicting advice , been on omeprazole twice a day , which has made no difference .

Doctor have mentioned H. Pylori and doing a stool test on Friday , is this a reliable test ? Had scan on gallbladder and that’s normal and waiting for camera down throat . So worried about having this test as suffer panic attacks . Any body suffered like I am ? Please help x

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Hi there i have a hiatul hernia and acid reflux and do suffer horribly with these symptons at least once a month, i was diagnosed 6 years ago via endoscopy and also had previous to that a ultrasound to check for gallstones which was clear. But also i was on omeprazole fir a few months but discontinued using them as long term use as very nasry side effects and illnesses, i also find that docs dish these tablets out like smarties regardless of the long term use. I use gaviscon at present and have heard from other tuk members about slippery elm or aloe vera juice, also may try zantac.

Please dont worry about the endoscopy it is painless but a invasive procedure and most people prefer to be under sedaation but i didnt have anything- hard core!!😊 yes i would like another endoscopy as its been 6 years butbi suggest if you are panicky definitley be knocked out and you wont know a thing.xx

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Also do you have a thyroid problem as this can also be connected to hashis- i have these and had swalliwing problems and even choked on water at one stage- i went for a barium meal xray as idoc thought its stomach related acid reflux but turned out to be thyroid and ut has calmed down since taking meds but plays up now and then- also at one stage i had bits of food getting lodged in my throat and nose!!

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Thank you for advice , much appreciated , yes have had under active thyroid for 19 years and take combination of T3 and T4 x

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Hope someone else comes along wirh their experiences.😊

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Could be you have Dysbiosis??

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Low stomach acid is common symptom of being under medicated/hypo

You could perhaps be not on enough T4 or T3.

Perhaps had recent change in brand?

Post most recent thyroid tests and include ranges

Also low vitamin D, folate, ferritin or B12 can all stop thyroid hormones working

Have you had these tested recently

Omeprazole tends to lower B12 and magnesium

Low stomach acid is more often an issue than high stomach acid

Lots of posts on here about how to improve with Apple cider vinegar or Betaine HCL

Other things to help heal gut lining

Bone broth



Like you I was very worried about having endoscopy. If you accept the sedative they offer you won't even be aware it's happened

Had endoscopy last week, looking for ulcers( non found).

Opted for the throat spray to save time. Whilst it was interesting to watch on the monitor the journey down into my stomach,there was a lot of belching and retching involved. Did not hurt or bother me.

If nervous, I would opt for sedation

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I had an endoscopy with no sedation, just the numbing throat spray, and was absolutely fine - and I have a severe gag reflex which makes me retch, sometimes to the point of vomiting, just brushing my teeth ...

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They added "Severe gag reflex" to my notes afterwards! Not pleasant but that was the only problem - no other significant issues.

I'd do it with just the spray again, should the need arise.

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Helvella Lol, you too? My dentist is well-practised in remaining alert, and leaping to the side of me at the first sign of something about to happen now!

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Not quite as bad as you, I think. But there are foods I simply cannot eat - such a white of egg (as a mass like in a boiled egg - fine when beaten or mixed into something else).

Dentists found it difficult to keep saliva extraction going, etc.

H Pylori is normally found in our gut, and apparently it is actually required (so killing it off completely with large does of anti-biotics is not really a good idea). It is when there is too much of it that it can cause stomach problems.

One of the most effective ways to improve general health, is to improve gut health, and one of the best (if not the best) ways of doing that is by taking probiotics. Home made water Kefir, or fermented vegetables, are easy to make, and not expensive.

For panic attacks, I suggest trying the Wim Hof methods of increasing self-control (search for Wim Hof on You Tube).

Could be Dysbiosis.???

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Rmichelle in reply to denvajade

Whats that?

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It is when bad bacteria take over your gut! It causes your food to ferment after I eating.I went on vancomycin, an antibiotic for the gut only, then 500 billion strength probiotic. Some people require a. “ faeces transplant. Try having a carb free diet for a couple of weeks and see if it improves, the reason being bad gut bacteria live off carbs.

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Interesting- im cealiac but dont eat hardly any carbs. But i thought fruit would be a culprit as the sugar content?

Hi there, I have had Hashimoto's for 3 years and was found to have H Pylori last year. It was confirmed via blood testing after I complained of severe sharp pain at the top of my stomach, which happened mainly at night, and also the need to wake up and eat at 3 am every morning.

I did the antibiotic plus PPI which in the US is known as "triple therapy" and the H Pylori was confirmed as eradicated by the breath test (you blow into a bag) six weeks later.

Any questions please ask. I am way better off now after having eradicated the H Pylori, it helped me greatly to treat it.

I was tested 7 years ago for that after a endoscopy but all clear. Did yoju have any other symptons as im just curious to know.xx

Hi there, I had other weird symptoms - such as heartburn after eating simple meals like grilled plain salmon with asparagus on the side - something that I knew should not cause heartburn in a normal person. I also oscillated between diarrhea and constipation daily. I remember being very hungry as soon as an hour after eating, which unfortunately has not subsided over the past year as I thought it would, I'm still hungry a lot but this may be due to Hashimoto's. Anyway it was obvious there was something wrong. You'll know, especially when you get to the ulcer point, which is where I think I was. I think that causes the sharp rib cage/stomach pain.

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