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Just joined HU to see if there is anything here that can help me. About 4 years ago, an excess of thyroid stimulation hormone in my blood tests showed my thyroid gland was struggling to create enough thyroid hormone. Is one of these T4 please? I understand that this is as a result of an autoimmune response. My GP prescribed me levothyroxine which being a hormone supplement like insulin entitles me to have all my medicines free on nhs prescription. I did not expect my GP, who is very busy, to immediately offer to fill in the necessary form for me.

Anyway does anyone know what are the prospects for someone in their late fifties

developing hypothyroidism and catching it early, please?

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I am a little confused by your post :-) Do you have some thyroid blood test results you could share with us - with the ranges too :-)

Following this forum and reading lots will help you to understand more and find wellness.


Thanks very much for your reply. I shall ask my GP to ask me for details of all my health conditions and tests. There is no reason why they should feel they have to keep anything secret from me!!!!!


If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have a print-out of your results, under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

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I had already expressed a wish to see every record imaginable on myself. This gives even more power to my elbow. Thank you. I pity the poor sods in medical records. I am joined up to Patient uk but from memory they make some excuse that some records might be too upsetting for ME! i'll tell you who it will be too upsetting for. It is the people who have to justify their actions. Best wishes David


Ah, well, that's a very handy excuse to cover up their errors! It gives them a get-out when there's anything they don't want you to see!


Did your GP give you a diagnosis?

You can ask him/her.

It appears that you have:

Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis & Hypothyroidism. (as I do).

Your antibodies attack your Thyroid Gland causing it to be underactive. In response to this you have produced too much Thyroid Stimulation Hormone.

There is no cure for Hashimoto's. It is the Hypothyroidism that it causes which is treated. Now that you have starated the Levothyroxine your TSH should improve (come down) and your T4 increase.

In about 6 to 8 weeks time your doctor will test your blood again and increase your dose of Levothyroxine.

You may wish to ask your doctor for blood tests for B12, Vitamin D, Ferritin and Folate if they haven't already tested for these.

Your GP is not too busy to help you. That's their job.

It takes a while to feel the benefits of the Levothyroxine as we have to build up to the full dose gradually, but you WILL feel better.

I was diagnosed in 2011 aged 58. I had been very ill and tired on & off for many years with untreated Underactive Thyroid.

Life is much better with Levothyroxine!


A very useful reply. I really did not know any of what you told me. I'll ask my GP about what you say. Though she is busy, I am sure she is not too busy to explain. Thank you very much David

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Hi David

Thank you.

I just sent you private message before seeing this!

Good health!




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Thanks. Same to you David

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