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this weeks weigh in

i had a feeling it would be a gain as normally a big tub of greek yogurt will last me 3 days (full fat) and has not effected my weight loss

i had a sweet craving and found some jelly powder sachets and decided to mix one with a greek yogurt

it was lovely like a mousse so had one every night for 3 maybe 4 nights (ethan my 10 year old didnt help as he likes to share with me so kept saying shall i get your yogurt jelly and spoon lol

anyway i got on the scales and had a 1/2lb gain

the yogurt is 18 syns a pot and they jelly i think is 1 1/2 syns so that was my days worth

now i know where i went wrong im keeping the full fat for breakfast with berries and low fat (which is free) for my jelly

im still happy with the 1 stone 13 1/2 lb loss as thats the most ive ever lost

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So very nearly a 2 st loss and you have persevered and for that you have congratulations from me. Dieting isn't easy.

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thank you Shaws

i got my 2 stone award last week

its not been easy but i will get there eventually

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