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week 13 weigh in

2 lbs off

happy with the loss but expected more as i did 5 out of 7 days of scan bran challenge

its supposed to be 7 days but i just couldnt eat anymore lol

ferrero rocher were yummy but 1 syn each

coffee cake was yuk but managable

chocolate cake yuk but managable

onion bhajis disgusting and i put too much chilli (was mild chilli so i added extra then it was way too hot so landed up in the bin)

cheese and marmite bread was managable when hot but disgusting when it cooled

after that i just couldnt do any more

i have to admit though i wasnt 100% on plan so the small loss could have been my fault

i will try his again on week 4 but will only stick to cakes as i can cover them in yogurt

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Mandy72, I've read that a loss of between 2 and 3 lbs per week is good. First it is a loss and also slow and steady is better than a large drop per week which comes back when you eat 1/4 lb more the following week. Well done.



total loss so far is 1 stone 2 lb

5 lb ff my 1 1/2 stone so fingers crossed i should get that before my week 4 gain


That is great work mandy72.



Well done to you. I desperately want to lose weight. It is an uphill struggle with thyroid issues.


thank you

it is a struggle but its coming off

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You're doing amazingly well.  You should be very proud of yourself!


i am...........thank you


well done you .... YOU will get there -- forget about your personal goals [ because when you hit a barrier or go backwards you will hit a downward spiral ] -- just remember that while your still losing it your not adding on later AND slowly but SURELY you WILL GET WHERE YOU WANT TO BE for yourself [ and nobody else ] keep going girl with pride ...... alan xxx


thank you

i have found i am loosing the same as others some weeks more than the people with fully functional thyroids so i must be doing something right

the support in group is great no one ever judges for a gain

if i have a bad week my son is there for me not as a son but as my consultant and hes a fab consultant, he keeps telling me how proud he is, hubby said he can notice the loss from my belly i dont believe him, when i can see my feet it will be real lol

ive just updated my progress chart and im 1 stone away from my club 10 which is 10% of my body weight loss


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