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Hi everyone,

I've been feeling ill for many years and am not officially diagnosed with anything by my doctor, who says that my thyroid (and everything else) is absolutely fine.

However, my blood tests show very high antibodies, and my tsh is 5.7, so I have (with the help of everyone on this forum) diagnosed myself with hashimotos (despite ongoing assurances from my doctor that it's not).

To cut a long story short, having run out of local doctors to see and getting nowhere I have been to see an alternative thyroid specialist.

He has told me to get bovine thyroid supplements (there was some reason that it wasn't porcine to do with his supplier, I think). He has also told me not to tell my doctor as I will probably be struck off their patient list (and I think he's right).

However, before I ordered them I googled them and have got scared by what I've seen. In particular, this article has worried me:

The bit that has scared me the most is the bit about mad cow disease. I don't want to take something and then be worrying about what I've taken!

What do you all think?

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Strange article, and not very well informed. But she got some bits right. If you take a glandular, you will not if it contains hormone, nor how much. Bit like playing Russian roulet, in my opinion. And, I agree with her about the iodine in herbal thyroid 'supports' - never take anything that says it 'supports' your thyroid, because the odds are it either stimulates your thyroid or does nothing at all.

I don't know much about mad cow disease, but I would never take a glandular, anyway. I don't think your new doctor is much of a thyroid specialist, alternative or otherwise. I think I'd rather self-treat with real NDT or something, than follow his advice.

Not much risk of mad cow disease from most bovine glandulars as they tend to come from disease-free herds in New Zealand where they weren't stupid enough to turn their cows into cannibals. But really you need NDT not a glandular (unless you go for ThyroGold from the US) so you know how much hormone you are getting - if you get it from Thailand, it also tends to be cheaper than glandulars

Good point!

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There is a perfectly good bovine thyroid gland replacement. It was invented by the doctor/scientist who was also an Adviser to He made it deliberately not to need a prescription and his widow now deals with this side of the buisness due to Dr Lowe dying through an accident

It is called thyro-gold and this is the source. It is made from grass-fed New Zealand Cows. I shall give you a link for information.

We cannot post any details about prescription NDT (natural dessicated thyroid hormones) on the open forum. Members who take it may respond by Private Message to you with information.

We have to take our own health into our own hands as doctors just cannot imagine the difficulties clinical symptoms give us. You will see from the following the vast difference between actual NHS 'range' and reality.

We have at times to self-diagnose.

You need to see a new doctor.

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