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Supplements alongside thyroid medication for fatigue? (hypo)

Hi all!

I’ve got a backlog of questions once again so apologies in advance for me spamming the forum

I was wondering what sort of supplements others have found useful to take alongside their thyroid treatment? I’ve been suffering badly lately and had was told to look into tyrosine and 5htp. I would speak to my doctor about whether or not I’ll see a benefit taking them, but my GP is the typical thyroid patients nightmare (TSH levels, TSH levels and more TSH levels).

The key symptom I’m looking to supplement is fatigue. I’ve got brain fog, headaches, dry scalp, depression etc but I’m able to get by with those, however I’m not much use to anybody when I can’t get out of bed. Has anybody found anything to ease these symptoms?



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Matt, ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. They're often low/deficient in hypothyroid patients and can cause fatigue, musculoskeletal pain and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

Supplements you can take without testing are:

1,000mg vitamin C for immune system.

300-400mg magnesium for nerves, muscles and relaxation, plus Epsom salt baths and magnesium oil spray.

15mg zinc which is synergistic with magnesium.

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I've been taking Methyl B12 and iron tablets for a week and the fatigue is 90% better and today is Day 1 on NDT 😃


A lot of people find Coenzyme Q10 helps their fatigue, too. Or get the reduced form, Ubiquinol, which is more easily absorbed.


You need to know what your levels supplement is going to help symptoms caused by being undermedicated. You can order your own tests.


Hi Faith, I actually have a Blue Horizon test kit but after finding out about the above I am going to wait till the weekend to do it in the hope the oxalate levels will have dropped.


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