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Is compounding better than pharmaceutical? Also what does High TPO and Thyroglobulin mean and how to reduce it?

TSH 3.870 (0.450-4.500)

T4 7.6 (4.5-12.0)

T3 uptake 28 (24-39)

Free Thyroxine Index. 2.1 (1.2-4.9)

T3. 89 (71-180)

T4,Free (direct) 1.26 (0.82-1.77)

TPO 63 (0-34)

Thyroglobulin Antibody 411.0 (0.0-0.9)

Ferritin. 93 (15-150)

Vit. D, 25 Hydroxy 53.3 (30.0-100)

Cholesterol, Total 295 100-199

Just started T3. Hoping anxiety, coldness, hair loss, dry skin will straighten out.

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Although there may be odd cases where a compounded T3 product will be necessary (e.g. allergy to ingredients of all available products), there seems little reason to expect a compounded product to be better than a standard product. That is, if you just need 25 micrograms of T3, then you probably might as well use a commercial product.

After all, there is scope for far more testing (e.g. samples from every batch) when they are manufactured in bulk. So quality control could be better.


Thank you helvella. New doc offered compound ed T4/T3. I was never offered T3, so thought I'd give it a go.



That is a special and specific reason - and in your shoes, I'd give it proper consideration.



Are you dosing with Levothyroxine ? If yes can you please share the brand your on please ?



Currently mostly Actavis. Plus a tiny bit of Uni-Pharma.

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Thank you so much ...


With Hashimoto's, until it's under control, our gut can be badly affected. Low stomach acid can lead to poor absorption of vitamins. Low vitamin levels stop thyroid hormones working.

Essential to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12. Always get actual results and ranges. Post results when you have them, members can advise

Your vitamin D (USA units) and ferritin look good

According to Izabella Wentz the Thyroid Pharmacist approx 5% with Hashimoto's are coeliac, but over 80% find gluten free diet helps significantly. Either due to direct gluten intolerance (no test available) or due to leaky gut and gluten causing molecular mimicry (see Amy Myers link)

But don't be surprised that GP or endo never mention gut, gluten or low vitamins. Hashimoto's is very poorly understood

Changing to a strictly gluten free diet may help reduce symptoms, help gut heal and slowly lower TPO antibodies

Low stomach acid can be an issue

Lots of posts on here about how to improve with Apple cider vinegar or Betaine HCL

Other things to help heal gut lining

Bone broth



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Sometimes it's poorly iodised thyroglobulin that leaks out from thyroid gland causing high thyroglobulin antibodies as body tries to get rid of it. In that case reducing iodine intake can do the trick. That you can only find out by trying as it can't be tested.


I will read the links. There is so much to learn. I am so grateful for shared wisdom from kind people! Thank you!


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