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New Morningside T3 - comments on efficacy and side-effects please?

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I started taking my new Morningside T3 a few days ago instead of the usual Mercury Pharma T3. I'm very sensitive to tiny changes in my T3 dosage and I can certainly tell that these are different, in both a negative and positive way:

Negative side-effects:

Have felt a bit jittery and almost like my heart was close to having palpitations, but not quite. Also feel quite hypoglycaemic. Similarly, feel quite easily angered, which is usually the effect of too much T4 – although that could be related to just having read that Times article about how the cause of our T3 problems are due to the greed of some lauded ‘entrepreneurs’!

Brothers cost NHS millions by the Times | Friday June 3 2016 Medicine rip-off :

So instead of taking these greedy immoral price-fixers to task, and sourcing the cheaper versions of T3 available in Europe, the NHS decides to take the ‘expensive’ drugs away from the patients who need them….

.....sorry, I digress.

Positive side-effects:

After persevering for a few days I then found that (if I ignore the –ve side-effects) I actually feel quite a lot ‘better’, more positive, energised and got around to doing somethings that had been left for months! I actually feel a lot more ‘normal’ – somewhat like how I felt when I was initially diagnosed and given Thyroid replacement therapy 11 years ago. This suggests to me that the Mercury Pharma T3 has gradually been getting weaker, & that I’ve been under-medicated as a result, probably for the last 2 years.

I take my T3 in 3 split does throughout the day – so I am considering taking smaller amounts across 4 doses – i.e. the same amount in total, to see if that reduces the negative side-effects whilst retaining the positive effects.

I would welcome hearing about anyone else’s experience with these new Morningside T3 tablets.


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No problems whatsoever. I like the blister packs as keeps tablets fresh. They certainly cut much better than Concordia’s. Sadly have 3 months of Concordia stuff. But gave Morningside a try before moving over.

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OzoneGirl in reply to Airmed

Thanks for replying.

What sort of dose do you take?

I take mine with some NDT too.

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Airmed in reply to OzoneGirl

I take 40mcg in three doses. 15mcg on waking 15 mcg approx 8 hours later and 10mcg approx 8 hours later. Had TT 2007.

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OzoneGirl in reply to Airmed

Thank you AIrMed,

I take mine in 3 doses too, but only 4 hours apart - do you not find that the 3rd dose so late keeps you awake?

How many days did you try the Morningside T3 for?

I'm asking as the cumulative effect was dire, by day 4 I had extremely high blood pressure & pounding heart. Followed by low blood pressure! :/

Are they cheaper?

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OzoneGirl in reply to Treepie

If you check the other posts apparently they are a few pennies cheaper!

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Treepie in reply to OzoneGirl

Another profiteer!

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Zephyrbear in reply to Treepie

20p cheaper...

I am also sensitive to slight changes. I have not tried Morningside t3 but I have been given sigma pharma t3 and perrigo t3 5mcg tablets.

I had the perrigo ones for a few years which I took 3 a day. When I was given sigma pharma I felt jittery on 3 so I dropped down to 2 a day. Recently have been given Perrigo again.

Since I'd just had my bloods done on sigma my TSH was 0.48.I decided to get my bloods done on the same dose perrigo my TSH had risen to 1.82. So I wasn't going mad that the Sigma felt stronger.

So maybe worth getting your bloods done to see if your levels have improved/decreased. I used Medichecks when the got a deal on thyroid Thursday.

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OzoneGirl in reply to wightmouse

Thanks WightMouse,

I actually had huge problems with the Perrigo 5mcg, which I was given when the 20mcg was unavailable - felt v. light-headed, as if I wasn't getting any T3 at all - horrible. I don't think I got on with all the fillers.

It's clear that some brands/formulations suit some of us better than others.

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