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Quick antibiotics question

Hey, so I'm on week two of trying to heal my leaky gut and I think I'm doing a good job and I have overnight developed an outer ear infection. (Back of my ear has swelled up) I think if I go to docs they will give me antibiotics I just know they won't care about what I say about my leaky gut and how sensitive I am to them! My worry is this a) will taking them undo my progress with my gut? And b) is it safe to take them with hashimotos?

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Sometimes we need antibiotics. Check with doc about known interactions. Leave a gap between levo and antibiotics dose and use natural probiotics to keep gut as healthy as possible. If you get side effects report to doc and do a yellow card report.


You can treat an ear infection without antibiotics. You need to infuse garlic in olive oil and put it in your ear. Eat foods that are high in vitamin c and also bone broth with raw garlic in it. If you eat anything with cows milk then it would be a good idea to cut that out completely. If you have a fever don't suppress it with painkillers,it's there for a reason and you will recover much quicker if you can get through it. Resting is important. Antibiotics should be an absolute last resort if you do have them then take probiotics but even doing that you will have a hard time restoring your microbiome and as you already have leaky gut it will as you say make that much worse.

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Is it possible to get localised antibiotic treatment, like eardrops?

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Hi wowserclo, Debbie's suggestions looks good, I recall as a very young child my father opening capsules and tipping the contents into my ear for an ear infection rather than feeding them to me - I guess you'd need medical advice on that though.

If however you do need antibiotics, and I believe we do sometimes, be cheered. I was on 4 different kinds, gradually escalating to one with many very serious side effects, which did clear the infection but left me feeling weak, tired and unwell by mid-September. I could not take live yogurt (it anti-doted the antibiotic) and was concerned as according to my consultant I have absorption issues (?leaky gut?). I have however recovered steadily and now feel better than before, I think the infection crept up on me slowly and unnoticed because of the thyroid issues.

So, if you need them, don't worry, trust that your body with time will recover and like me you may find you then feel better than before.


Thanks everyone I've been given an antibiotic cream. The swelling is going down (very slowly) so I'm holding of using it until I absolutely have to! Thanks again. :)


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