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Low thyroid, adrenal fatigue and leaky gut

I was recently diagnosed with low thyroid, adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. My allergies are my worst problem. My ears are alway bothering me whether it is crackling or stuffed up or pressure or a nervousness jittery feeling in my ears. Really weird! I just began taking thyro CNV to help balance my rev t3 and t3. I have been having jittery episodes off and on and it's weird but I feel the nervousness in my ear and my legs and feet. I can hardly sit down. I also have a UTI that I am taking argentyn 23 and cranberry buchu for.

Anyone else out there have inner ear issues with their thyroid



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I have heard that D-Mannose is the best thing to combat UTI's. Haven't tried it myself but it has a good reputation.

You might find this symptoms list from the main website interesting

Jane x


I have taken that. It does work. I keep getting UTI's because of my compromised immune system. My homeopathic doctor put me on silver and cranberry buchu. This should help to keep the uti from happening again. I do a maintenance every other day or so with the d Mannos.

Thanks for your response!


Hi Not to clear are you seeing an endo? What are your TSH , T4 and Free T3 with the import ranges?What does are you on for the thyroid? Is the T3 always dosed on a Free T3 test, as if not this could cause Atrial fibrillation ( A. F ) Ask GP`s receptionist, routine. If your thyroid is not right it will effect everything. If it is autoimmune, you need the other tests too, minimum of Diabetes, vit D ( if low corrected calcium before treatment) B12 + Foliates and iron/ ferritin. These are mostly autoimmune and hormonal. Have you had antibody tests.? If thyroid not right you will get infections.Ears, could be eczema or Atrial fibrillation, or an ear problem,. Have you seen an ENT specialist? With AF ears feel full, just when in AF, not all the time.Other autoimmune diseases may well occur but dozens, no preventative measures really. I hope that helps.


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I have had extensive heart tests. All of my tests came back fine. Had cbc everything looked fine. I was having heart palpitations with adrenal fatigue in the beginning but it has gotten better. I am hypothyroid. My rev t3 is 82% and my t3 is only 8%. I am on thyro CNV which is a natural supplement and I'm also starting a couple of other supplements when they come in. I have only recently learned about the hypo because when I went to the dr they didn't check everything which I found out they never do. I am going to a homeopathic dr now who is helping me get all of my levels back in range. Some are mid and others are too high or too low. I also have low cortisol and leaky gut. It is a delicate balance trying to figure out what to eat and what not to eat. I have lost 40 lbs in six months. I have had better days in the past month but I got a UTI last week and now I am having some rough days again. Head pressure and dry mouth and eyes, etc... There is also a hum in my head that I used to get a lot but had gone away. I'm thinking that this is all due to UTI throwing everything out of whack again. Thank you for any insight on this.


Hi If seeing a Homepath are they medically qualified ie a doctor spcialising in that type of treatment?, Are you seeing an Endo? If you ask for a referral, make sure it is someone good of your choice, Did you have a 24 hour home monitor or better still a 7 day, for you heart? it is the only way to find A, intermittent. Nomally with the problems you need thyroid meds not supplements Thyroid disease can effect lots of things and does need the correct treatment either with an NDT armour or Erfa etc, if you prefer a natural treatment ( from pigs) or more usual and cheaper T4 and probably T3. As you discovered tests fro thyroid at a minimum need to be TSH, T4 and Free T3. You can get them on line if GP difficult. F T3 is especially important with heart and needs to be right and of course in range. if the thyroid is correct the cortisol often improves, if not an Endo treats it. The gut can be lots of things. With autoimmune thyroid disease the other relevant tests are essential and also you may have others which may account for the problems you mention.UTI`s and all infections are common with autoimmune diseases but more common with undertreated thyroid disease.

I hope this helps a little.

Best wishes,



My ears too!! i never connected thsi to thyroid. they are very often itchy and feel bunged up with a strange sound like a motorbike engine running for about a minute after i lie down.

This has given me food for thought


Do you have hypothyroid? My ears and head will hum so badly sometimes and I keep feeling my ears tickle inside like something is draining. Then sometimes they will get stuffy and feel tight inside. The hummin, buzzing sound keeps me from hearing very well.


I went to the doctors in July last year complaining of loss of sensation in my left leg, and tendinitis. He did some blood test and the results were that I had Hypothyroidism. At the time I weighed 10 stone 7 1b.

I currently take 75mcgs Levo I now weigh 11st 4 1b can't shift the weight, have adrenal fatigue, and ringing in my ear and still have some loss of sensation in my leg. I now have more symptoms of hypo than I did before. The only reason I carry on taking it is because my hair is growing back, the only positive thing I can say about thyroxine.


I began this journey last fall (2012). I was diagnosed with stage 3 adrenal fatigue after taking a saliva test, this past February. I was working with a doctor who had done a lot of research on AF, so she was helping me with diet and supplements. After two. On this I felt I still had something going on, sonI went to see a homeopathic doctor. All this time I was reading and doing research constantly. I knew the connection between adrenal and kidneys and leaky gut syndrome and thyroid. The homeopathic doc did an extensive thyroid (which the doctors don't do) and also an ALCAT food allergy test. The test showed I am hypo, low conversion of rev t3 to t3 and high resistance. I also have leaky gut and lots of food allergies along with regular allergies to trees and grass, etc.

I am currently on natural meds for thyro and a strict rotation diet for healing the leaky gut. The supplements I'm on for thyro and LGS are Thryo CNV, Clear Vite SF, and DSF Herbal.

I usually sleep well at night because my cortisol evens out but during the day I'm up and down. Fatigue, allergies, shakiness, irritability, numbness at times and can't just sit.... "wired and tired" feeling. My ears and sinus have bothered me throughout this entire ordeal. The homeopathic doc said it was normal due to allergies and drainage and the fact that I'm not producing enough cortisol to help with inflammation. I have been having more better days than bad and even the bad days are a little easier to handle. I read my Bible and pray and just try to get my mind focused on my healing. It hasn't been an easy road at all but it will take at least two years for me to get back to great health. I was very bad off!

Hope this helps answer a lot of questions. I know everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another. I do know that the drugs they put you on for thyro can cause your own body to shut down while the drug takes over. This doesn't allow for the body to really heal and you will be defendant on those drugs forever. Research and read everything you can about now to naturally heal your body. My husband and I are definitely not wealthy but it has been a walk of faith to go natural and it has helped a lot! I'm not on any meds as yet.


To Littlelady43

Was reading your message where you referred to natural thyro meds...did you sort these out yourself and what is rotational diet and could you recommend a book to guide me.. Thanks bernie


About 20 yrs ago, I was trying desperately to get pregnant this never happened, so we decided to try IVF. I was told my infertility was unexplained, it was a very stressful time as anyone can imagine. I began to feel very ill and was suffering with intestinal candida, I was also suffering with adrenal fatigue. I had read it can be caused by stress and the hormone drugs i was taking for the IVF. I came across a book in the health food shop called Candida Albicans.

when i read this book I realized it was related to me. I had to take lots of supplements for adrenal fatigue, as they're connected with candida. I also had to go on an exclusion diet, wheat in particular,and yeasty type foods. I did recover and managed to lose 2 stone in weight.

One other problem i had was painful and heavy periods. What I think I'm trying to say is from what i've learnt I'm now thinking "was I suffering with hypothyroidism" at the time and was this the real reason i couldn't get pregnant. As far as i know I was never checked out for my thyroid. I will have to find a homeopathic doctor, I live in The North West so if anyone knows of one i would be very grateful.

Thank you littlelady43


Sorry to hear of your infertility issues so many years ago. How are you health wise today?

I have lost almost 40 pounds since I first started feeling badly about six months ago.


I don't have the same digestive problems I had then because I eat a lot healthier. Back in those days everything i ate (even a tiny amount) would feel like i'd swallowed a cannon ball. I would begin to feel light headed after food, and suffered anxiety and fatigue.

I don't have problems with my digestion anymore, but suffer with the adrenal side of it. That only started on the 8th week of taking levothyroxine. Maybe I should go on the candida diet anyway and see what happens, I still have the book.

In the end we gave up on the IVF, and I now have a son and a daughter through adoption. He was 6 mths old when we adopted him, my daughter was 5 mths old. They're full brother and sister, with just 11 and a half mths between then. My son is 15 and my daughter 14 I've never looked back and have absolutely no regrets.


Sounds like you are happy and that is what matters.

I'm having a rough time lately. About a week ago started having bad days again. Diagnosed with UTI three days ago and since then been having weakness, stuffy ears, and sensitivity to noise, and humming in head. I sleep ok at night but shaky in the mornings. I started my rotation diet today to heal my leaky gut. Hoping better days are ahead. I was having better days then it seems like it all went south again!


I hate it when people ask how you are, and you tell them you feel fantastic! then a week later you feel dreadful. That's what annoys me the most, there is no consistency with being hypothyroid. Hope your rotation diet works! I remember feeling unwell on the candida diet for about a week, but was told to expect it. After that you start to feel the benefits!


Do you notice that with hypothyroid you had headaches and head and ear pressure. At times I feel like I can't hear that well and there seems to be pressure in my head and sinus. Then I will feel a little movement in my ears and they feel like they are draining a little. Since I got this last UTI I have felt the head pressure and stuffiness again. Is it all related?

So frustrating when I was having such good days and even getting my appetite back.


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