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Thyroid antibodies and casein protein

I stopped eating wheat/gluten about a year and a half ago now (I have Hashimoto's) but my thyroid antibodies are still at 83.52 kIU/L.

I have read that if you still have gut issues which I still experience on a daily basis that you still have leaky gut and the protein in dairy will leak through the gut barrier and cause the body to attack it which in turn I would think would keep the antibodies high. I have lowered the amount of dairy that I eat quite considerably and only eating cream and butter which have significantly less casein protein in them compared to milk and cheese .

Has anyone else experienced their thyroid antibodies not declining even after giving up gluten and have you had better results after giving up dairy as well?

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Yes, I have. :) I gave up gluten around 10 months ago now but antibodies tested 6 months later didn't show much of a change. However I decided to give up dairy (totally, don't even cook with any butter or add it to recipes), and after doing that my antibodies have reduced (although I'm aware that I'll need to keep track of them just in case it was a coincidence). The main benefit however is no bloating/wind/gut pain which unfortunately the dairy caused me, and I believe casein was to blame as I'd get it badly after having cheese.


I think that the gluten/wheat causes leaky gut which then lets the casein protein through the gut lining to cause the antibodies. So technically you would think that after giving up gluten and the gut heals you should be able to go back to dairy. That is my hope anyway but seems it might take a long time for this process : (


I don't know, however since I have to take NSAID painkillers for a crook back, I know my gut will never 'heal', unfortunately. However the best I can do is not take in foods that contain these trigger proteins, I guess. Quick googling gives 3-6 months, 'as long as it takes', 'it varies from person to person', 'depends how long it's been leaking' type of answer, which is very vague. The NHS website calls 'leaky gut syndrome' a 'proposed condition', I don't know if there's any actual scientific evidence.


Dairy intolerant for 50 + years, thyroid cancer 35 years ago. when I eat any form of dairy I become thyrotoxicosis. only found this out 7 years ago when I realised that I was dairy intolerant and accidently overdosed on the lactose free liquid thyroxin my GP. prescribed. The symptoms were exactly the same as I first remembered as a four year old and for the last 40 odd years. I finally put 2 and 2 together and came up with 4 for over 40 years of dairy has been making my thyroid gland, even the bit I am left with over function and was most probably the cause of my thyroid cancer. I have passed this on to my son who has the dairy intolerance and the same thyrotoxicosis. GP, paediatrician etc. etc. all think I am nuts. So big link with dairy here.


Don't forget that casein isn't the only thing that could cause people problems in dairy. You also have to wonder about lactose as well.

You might find out if lactose is an issue quite easily, if you are interested. Buy some lactase supplements (an enzyme which digests lactose - many people don't produce it or don't produce enough) and take them when you eat anything which may contain lactose. If it helps then the lactose in the dairy was a problem for you.

Anyone who has an intolerance to lactose could decide to a) give up dairy entirely, or b) eat it occasionally but take lactase supplements to help them digest it.

If casein is a problem then giving it up completely is the only way to deal with the problem that I know of.


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