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Due at doctors, please may I have advice


I'm at the doctors shortly as need more levo but want to feel straight about this,

My t4 is hood in the body, why do I need to take levo, I know tsh five but I've got good t4 levels?

What I'm seeing is that I'm not converting, as my ft3 low and my vitamins have been low and I e got leaky gut so therefore. It converting

An anyone advise please, I feel I shouldn't take t3 to make me feel human 😱🤞 and alleviate symptoms xx

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oldestnewest here fore not able to convert


So sorry I'm rushing and it's i pad

I feel I am Not converting, and need t3 to help me feel better and get rid of symptoms,? I don't see why taking levo t4 is needed, when I have good level by blood test, and I leak the vitamins


To see if you aren't converting T4 to sufficient T3 your doctor needs to do a Free T4 and Free T3 blood test.

It doesn't matter what is circulating in your blood, it is what in the cells is more important and this cannot be tested but the patient knows how their body feels on a particular hormone replacement. We should feel well with no symptoms.

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You state "My t4 is hood in the body" which I am assuming is My t4 is good in the body".

Just don't take T3 if you don''t want to.

T4 is levothyroxine and is inactive and has to convert to the only Active hormone i.e. T3. Without sufficient T3 our body cannot function so well. Our brain has the most T3 receptor cells and every cell in our body (billions) need T3.

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Hi I apologise my anxiety was so high earlier (with the fear feelings,and racing ) I took 25 levo last night as had been on 12.5, I obviously have a very very sensitive system

I was trying to explain that I must not be converting or absorbing, And know I have leaky gut so this must jeopardise any vitimens - yes?

I saw the doctor this morning and he was surprised I was informed, he asked me a lot about it and checked medicheck on his computer As thought my blood test may be bogus

Anyway all good, he has referred me to Endo!!!!!!!!!'finally finally


So therefore what point is there taking levo if I'm not converting?

Unsure what you mean by don't take t3 if don't want to? Please explain did you mean levo?

I don't have anything else to take but obviously thinking I need t3 badly in cells??


Jeppy - if you want to know what's getting into the cells, you can do a Genova 24 hour urine thyroid test - END08 - through ThyroidUK

You take your normal amount of Levo (or whatever you use), you don't leave it off like you do with a blood test. It measures the metabolites (breakdown products) that are passed in urine during the 24 hours. It will show how much T4 and T3 has reached your cells and you can see from that how well you convert (or not).


Oh so good, thankyou so much


What if you do t convert, what is next step pls, imagine tomdo with your vitamin no possible leaky gut.


Well, it depends. If all your vitamins and minerals are at optimal levels, and you have no absorption problems, then it's down to purely a conversion problem. Depending on what your levels of T4 and T3 are and how poor your conversion is, you can add T3 to your Levo or try NDT, you experiment to find what's right for you.

If you decide to do the urine test, it's imperative to get the timing right, ie you start with an empty bladder one morning and collect urine for exactly 24 hours, and you ensure you take just your normal amount of Levo for and not take the second day's dose until you've finished the test I, even if it means altering the time of your dose on the second day.

If you don't, give me a shout and I'll go through the timings with you, I've done the urine test three times - first time to see if I was converting well enough (I wasn't), and the second time to see what difference the addition of T3 made, the third time to see how I was progressing after a couple of increases in T3.


Thanks again ss

As vitamins have been low and I have leaky gut I'm pretty sure I'm not absorbing my vits well which is needed for sure

I have viligi and no half moons and anx and fog, somismthere anynharm in trying a bit if t3 at least until I see endo

Can it do any harm?

Also do I need to be taking levo? I'm on tiny 12.5 And I have good t4 bloods, t3 being lower range


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